5 Trendy Living Room Design Ideas from Planner 5D

Discover five of the most popular living room design styles created by Planner 5D users.

Living Room Design Ideas
Design by Tamara Jankovic | Planner 5D.

When tackling an interior design project, finding the perfect inspiration is key. Whatever your favorite style, having several designs and images in mind will help you achieve an interior you like. One of these places to discover ideas is the Planner 5D design gallery.

Here you can find inspiring designs created by our users for every room of the house. One of the most popular categories is living room design. And while you can find projects in all sorts of styles here, there are five living room styles that stand out. In this post, we look at our users' five favorite living room design styles.

Minimalist living rooms

The key to minimalism is the less is more approach. This means fewer decorations and unnecessary furniture but much more functionality. Thus, minimalist-style interiors only have the pieces that are strictly necessary to create functional and welcoming interiors.

Designs by Elena Strenova and Татьяна Максимова | Planner 5D.

The color palette leans toward neutral tones like gray, white, beige or black. Incorporating different materials and textures (such as marble and neutral-toned woods) that contrast with white or gray walls and simple furniture adds visual interest. In general, minimalist living rooms (such as those created by our users that can be seen in the images) have a clean and bright appearance, which invites rest and relaxation.

Eclectic living rooms

The eclectic style combines different colors, materials and prints to create an artistic and creative look. This style has maximalist overtones and adds personality to any interior. Use patterned wallpapers, works of art, rugs or colored upholstery to achieve this.

When decorating your living room in an eclectic or maximalist style, include plants, wooden furniture, rattan and different textiles. Books, candles, paintings or photographs are also ideal additions to this type of interior, where personality and unique style are everything.

Classic living rooms

Beautiful fireplaces, paneling and crown molding are some of the architectural details that characterize classic-style interiors. Choosing the right furniture and colors allows you to create classic and timeless designs, even if your space lacks intricate details. Choose sofas and armchairs with traditional upholstered cushions, wooden furniture and crystal lamps, and combine it all with a discreet color palette.

You can find many user projects that feature traditional designs. Many users often combine classic details with modern finishes to create an updated classic and modern design.

Eco-luxury living rooms

In recent years, sustainable or eco-luxury design has become an enormously popular trend in interior design. From luxury villas and hotels to spas and resorts, sustainability has become the quintessential choice for creating relaxing and inviting spaces. And with the right design, you can bring that sophisticated style to your living room design.

Natural wood, organic fabrics and luxurious finishes are the key features of this style. In a living room, you can replicate the eco-luxury effect by playing with different fabrics and combining them with wooden furniture. Opt for quality pieces and go for custom wooden cabinetry or shelving to achieve an elegant and uniform finish. Finally, don't forget the plants, an essential element of sustainable design.

Modern living rooms

Clean lines and a relaxed color palette are the hallmarks of modern style. So much so that, on occasions, modern interiors can be confused with minimalist (despite being two different design styles). When designing a living room in a modern style, focus on art and cutting-edge design. They are often combined with other styles, such as mid-century modern, Scandinavian or Japanese.

If modern style appeals to you, opt for neutral color palettes, introduce wood and glass elements, and hang art on the walls. As you can see in our user projects, designer lamps and furniture are also an essential part of the modern style. You can combine them with other simple and timeless pieces.


In summary, you can find an infinite number of designs created by Planner 5D users in our gallery. From the original and unexpected to timeless, our users never stop surprising us with their creations (which go far beyond these five living room design styles). Check out the gallery for more inspiration for creating your projects with Planner 5D. It's easy and fun.

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