Create Japandi Living Spaces with Planner 5D

Japandi is a hot design trend that is taking over, and you can create this style in your home. Here is how to do it with Planner 5D.

japandi design using Planner 5D
Japandi living designed by Gem.ima on Planner 5D

Japandi is a popular style that has been popping up in many homes recently. Its popularity is due mainly to the simplicity of design, natural materials and a clean aesthetic. It combines the warmth and simplicity of Scandinavian designs with Japanese minimalism.

Many Planner 5D users have taken a shine to this style and have used their imaginations to create stunning designs that are a great source of inspiration. In this post, we share the Japandi-inspired project chosen by our designers created by Gem.ima.

Design style

The interior design style of the project is Japandi. Japandi blends the smooth, modern lines of Scandinavian design with the sleek, functional elegance of the Japanese aesthetic. It is minimalist yet welcoming and uses neutral tones, with many textures, natural materials, green plants, etc.

Why our designers chose this project

The project is an excellent example of a trending style that's gaining popularity in interior design. We see several great uses of the key aspects of this style used cleverly here.

First of all, we love the neutral color palette. Adding this color palette is a great way to make your interiors feel luxurious and comfortable without making them feel muted and restricted to similar colors. A key thing to remember is that Japandi interiors should always blend harmoniously, giving every item equal attention.

Second, we see the use of sustainable furnishings, organic and natural materials, such as bamboo, rattan, cotton or hemp. They are an easy way to introduce texture and a natural element into your interior. Furthermore, decluttering to fit this minimalistic coziness allows your home's architectural features and clean lines to shine.

Key features that stand out

Clean shapes and uncluttered decor with functional furniture and natural materials that elegantly incorporate functionality and practicality. We see this in every piece of furniture without leaving comfort behind. Cozy and warm lighting paired with natural materials makes a style super comfortable and worth the hype.

Decor and materials

Accessories and storage items are all placed mindfully. We love the use of wooden surfaces and other raw materials, including wooden floors and rustic furniture. These elements add personality and character to the space without compromising the design.

Handcrafted accessories made of stone, wood, natural textiles, rattan, wood, and so on make the project stand out. There are just enough cushions and blankets with contrasting colors for a living room. Using neutral colors can make your home/space look warm and elegant, and this design does it on point.

Why should this project inspire others?

Handcrafted, personalized furniture and accessories dominate Japandi homes, creating a desire for these items. Instead of using mass-produced homogeneous pieces, this user incorporated vintage, reclaimed and handmade décor elements, which is a great way to personalize a style and express your personality.

This project style is about minimalism and clutter-free spaces focusing on sustainable furniture. While the concept of "less is more" features firmly in the Japandi style, the quality of the things in this project makes it appealing. Materials such as concrete, stone and natural wood unite to create highly functional yet cozy spaces.

Want to create your own Japandi-inspired interiors? Give Planner 5D a try and watch your dream design come to life

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