How To Design Your Room In the Style of Euphoria

Inspiration for new decor can come from various places, one of those being popular culture. The show Euphoria has created a style of its own, and you can add a touch of this style to your bedroom with our helpful tips.

How To Design Your Room In the Style of Euphoria
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Inspiration for new decor can come from a variety of different places, one of those being popular culture - more specifically, television. During the 90s it was Friends and during the 00s it was Gossip Girl or Mad Men, however, in 2022 the show everyone is talking about is Euphoria.

Revolving around the life and times of various teenagers in high school, Euphoria has created a style of its own and its influence is undeniable. While the music, makeup, and fashion are eye-catching, so are the characters' bedroom decor. If you want to add a touch of this style to your bedroom, follow these tips!


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Lighting is an incredibly important feature in interior design and plays a huge role in every single room. In the bedroom, lighting tends to vary although natural lighting is preferred as it can be utilised in a way that aids our natural sleeping cycle. Usually, artificial lighting tends to come into play when natural lighting cant and can be used to create ambience in the room, as well as for decorative purposes. In a Euphoria themed bedroom, it's all about the aesthetics and mood - here is where lighting comes into play.

The show itself is angsty and tends to be shot in a somewhat low-lighting atmosphere that is dramatic and interesting, when we see the characters' bedrooms this is no different, as well as each character's own personality is reflected in their bedrooms. For example, Maddy's bedroom is pink and girly with lighting that almost makes it look cotton candy themed. Whereas Rue's bedroom is dark and grungy with barely any natural or artificial lighting, perfectly representing Rue.

If you want to add little bits of every character into your room, go for it! In general, the lighting vibes in Euphoria are full of purples, pinks, blues, and yellows - perfect for creating those moody vibes! These can be created with coloured bulbs or by manipulating the lighting in certain ways with shades and covers.

Another great lighting trick that is a teenage favourite and can be seen constantly in the show are fairy lights! These can be hung above the bed, around the bed or realistically anywhere to create a cool atmosphere. This can also be done with salt lamps and candles.

Colour Palette

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Euphoria plays with colours beautifully in the show and uses them as part of the narrative - to make scenes more emotional, dramatic or exciting. This is done through lighting and cameras, however, colours are used throughout the show in clothing as well as in the characters' rooms!

If you want to take inspiration from the show and implement it into the colour palette of your bedroom, it is actually fairly simple! As we have said the show leans very heavily into colours such as purples, pinks and blues therefore these are the colours you should be focusing on. The easiest way to make a big change? Paint.

If you want to be girly like Cassie or Maddy, then opt for pinks or light blues and don't scrimp on the sparkles. If you want to go edgier like Kat, Rue or Jules then opt for purples, dark blues or even blacks and greys for a more moody vibe.

To add Euphoria vibes into your room with colours, you don't necessarily have to rely on paint, this can be done through other means. Wallpaper is a great way to add colours to a room as well as show off your taste and your personality - which is what the show itself is all about.

Go super glam like Cassie and try out a glitter wallpaper, or take inspiration from Rue and opt for a vintage themed floral print. Whichever you choose, make sure that it is a reflection of who you are as Euphoria loves to focus on individuality therefore if you want to create a room inspired by the show then it is important that you add your individuality into your room.

Beds & Bedding

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If you're going to be focusing on the bedroom and recreating the Euphoria aesthetic in your room, then you will definitely be able to do so with your bed and bedding. Whilst any bed can be levelled up to create these vibes, certain beds are attached to certain characters.

For example, Cassie has a woven headboard and sparkly bedding which represents the character perfectly. Whereas Rue has a more bohemian, retro vibe with her bed and bedding in neutral tones. Kat contrasts masculine and feminine details in her bedding that gives off an edgy, punk-rock vibe and this can be done by using warmer shades and mixing it with "girly" aspects - such as black bedsheets with sequined pillows.

Making the decision about bedding is entirely dependent on your own style however there are ways you can incorporate the show's vibes. Why not try to replicate the vibe of a character? It's super easy to do with bedding and a cheap way to spruce up your room in the style of the show. Think silk, sequins, fur, bright colours, deep colours, and also consider texture!


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Bedrooms are a great way of expressing your overall likes and style. This is especially true in the bedroom of a teenager where you tend to find band posters, movie pictures and anything else that interests them which is no surprise as in Euphoria the characters have decorated their bedroom walls with artwork and other things that are a representation of themselves and their life, therefore no Euphoria inspired bedroom would be complete without some art of your own!

If you want to go more boho or vintage-like Rue, check out vintage markets, thrift stores or online to find the perfect art pieces or posters to hang on your wall to complete your version of a room inspired by the show.

Other ways to show your personality through wall hangings is taking notes from Maddy and creating photo collages and decorating your walls. These can include photos of friends, family, pets, celebrities or even yourself! Get creative and start creating beautiful wall art in any way you want!

The obvious way to decorate a wall is also an obvious way to show parts of your personality, and that is through posters or pieces that represent your interests. This can be your favourite artist or band, a movie you love, or your celebrity crush or idol - the options are limitless and, realistically, you could actually have all of them at once to show off your eclectic, chaotic side that would definitely be a nod to the characters in the show.

Extra Tips

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There are other ways you can add little touches to your bedroom that take inspo from the show. Here are a few extra tips:

  • Like Maddy, a tulle canopy not only adds cosiness to your room but it creates a beautiful hideaway that you can use to make your room more typically "girly.
  • Lamps are a great lighting source that you can manipulate and add to a room however you see fit. Lamps come in a variety of styles, colours, sizes and shapes and therefore it would be easy to take inspiration from the show and purchase a lamp that looks straight out of Euphoria.
  • Mirrors are an amazing tool for opening up a space and if you are trying to add a touch of Euphoria to your bedroom through lighting and colours, mirrors will help you bounce that lighting and colour around the room.
  • Euphoria relies a lot on its soundtrack to set the mood and the music in the show is incredibly varied and therefore can suit any taste. Take notes from the show and use your own music to set the vibe in your room - display records or nods to your favourite style of music or artists around the room for bonus points!

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, but it should also be somewhere where you can express yourself and relax without fear or judgement, therefore decorating your bedroom in a style that you like and that is true to who you are is incredibly important. If you are a fan of the show, then taking inspiration from Euphoria is definitely a great way to express your creative side and show your interests.

While the options are limitless and the almost two seasons of the show provide a lot of inspiration to look to, we have gathered these tips as a way of showing you how to start. We hope with this list that you will soon be on your way to designing your room in the style of Euphoria!

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