Design Trends to Look Out for in 2022

As always, trends come and go, but now is the time to look forward to the future! With a new year come new possibilities to change your home and adapt to changing styles. While some are being carried over from 2021, there are also some fresh trends to keep your eyes on.

Design Trends to Look Out for in 2022

As always, trends come and go, but now is the time to look forward to the future! With a new year come new possibilities to change your home and adapt to changing styles. While some are being carried over from 2021, there are also some fresh trends to keep your eyes on.

With these trends being carried over - as well as new ones emerging, you'll not only be able to design an interior that is in the moment but one that will be in style for some time. Fast furniture seems to be on its way out and the idea of creating a lifetime of uniqueness is definitely on the rise. With that said, here are the upcoming trends for 2022!

70's Retro

Old apartment in Montreal
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Sustainability seems to be a growing trend in every part of our lives and it looks like it will also be a part of interior design in the upcoming year and beyond. We're seeing a reemergence of trends from the past both standing alone and being combined with the modern world to create unique and creative interiors, which explains why a throwback to the retro vibes of the 70's is looking to be a big thing this year.

Whether you are into this aesthetic or not, adding a little touch of retro can really spruce up any interior and can be as subtle as adding classic colors like burnt orange or moss green to your color palette, or as extreme as completely switching out your furniture for more vintage pieces. The ways to add this to your home are endless and you are bound to find a way that will fit you.

Try to drop by your local vintage store and check out some 70's pieces they have to offer. This can be fabrics, soft furnishings, lamps, or even big pieces like sofas and dressers - finding the perfect addition for you takes time! You can also check out vintage fairs, markets, or even online stores that specialize in retro-style furnishings.


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As we've seen over the past few years, adding natural elements to your home is gaining more and more momentum in interior design and 2022 is no different. While turning your house into a greenhouse isn't feasible, adding a little touch of nature is always a great idea.

Here you can go for simple and low maintenance with cacti or even some small potted plants, or as big and bold as you want with indoor flowering plants, tall plants, or trees - depending on how much light you get in your home. Also with this trend of adding some natural elements to your home, we don't need to go so literal. While plants are great and flowers are beautiful, there are other ways to give a nod to the outdoors without raiding the florist. Switching to natural fibers in furnishings is always a great idea and while Rattan, Cane, and Wicker are increasingly popular, simple additions like wood that come with the bonus of adding texture are always a classic.

Photo by Nathan Oakley / Unsplash

There's a reason we have always been and are continuing to have a fixation with nature and it's because we are a part of it. We are living beings who need natural and organic elements in our life but we must respect it by doing so correctly. If you do, you can bring the great outdoors inside your home to create a sense of peace and be one with nature.

Handmade Additions

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While a lot of people are happy with store-bought items, or interior and decor additions that are mass-produced - which are fine, others would prefer to have individual or handmade pieces that provide not only a unique addition to their home but also provide interesting talk pieces for guests. With the growing disdain towards fast fashion and, in turn, fast manufacturing, and a bigger trend towards "buying local" and supporting small businesses, we can see how this is becoming increasingly popular.

Handcrafted interior additions are a great way to add a wholesome touch to your home and feel connected to the individuality of the items. You can add something handmade very easily! Soft furnishings and linens are a great way to do this as we all know someone who is a fan of kitting - bonus points if it's a grandparent. Imagine having a handmade knitted blanket by a relative that you can cherish forever! If you are feeling crafty you can also do this yourself, or take it up a notch by creating a patchwork throw with old T-Shirts which is not only sentimental to you but definitely a conversation starter.

There are other ways of doing this such as supporting an artist you like and purchasing a painting or sculpture, or even a nice piece of photography. You could also buy from a small candle-making business or someone starting their own florist. Small additions like this really make a big impact not only on your home but on the lives of the businesses you choose to support.

Multifunctional Spaces

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A trend in 2020 that continued to grow in 2021 and is now going further in 2022, multifunctional spaces are set to become, again, incredibly important as single-use spaces become a thing of the past. The most important part of this idea is to not only utilize rooms in more ways than one as we work or study from home but also to utilize every inch available to us in our interiors.

We have spoken about this before in a few of our posts, but the main reason for the need for multifunctional spaces in our homes is down to the ongoing restrictions because of COVID-19 and the need to have the ability and space to work and study both easily and productively from home. Look into changing that spare room or storage area into a home office/study space, or check out some ideas to transform your living or dining area into not only useful for their intended purposes but to function as needed, when needed.

We understand it may not be an option for everyone however we have spoken at length of how to use vertical space and every nook and cranny to try and adapt to the times. Think about portable desks if you can't install a stationary one, and remember: Shelves are your best friend for using space that is usually forgotten about!

While we don't know if this concept is due to stay around for the foreseeable future, we do know that it is here now and we must adjust to it - but the idea of using every bit of space that you pay for is a great one, regardless of the circumstances.


Photo by Viktor Bystrov / Unsplash

Also known as "Granny-Chic", this trend is definitely going to be one to watch in the coming year. The whole concept is to evoke nostalgia and tradition, and like the throwback to the 70's, grandmillenial is all about reviving comforting and "homey" design elements that you may find in an older person's, or even your own grandparents' home!

There are various ways you can add this to your interior and all you have to do is draw your mind back to your youth spent in the home of older relatives, or even think about people you know who have maintained their interior decor for a long time. Floral wallpapers, antique paintings, and "special" china plates and cups on display are all cornerstones of this trend.

The idea is to create whimsy and this can be done with something as simple as a crocheted throw placed over a sofa. It's definitely something to look out for this year as people continue to yearn for a more comfortable and easy life, but we'll have more on Grandmillenial later…

Extra Tips to Stay on Trend!

  • Zen Interiors - These kinds of homes elevate the interior, showcasing the design elements and proving any home can be environmentally friendly, which in turn can encourage others to become more eco-friendly. It also reflects a clear mind, which is always on trend!
  • Minimalism - This trend pops up again as it continues to enhance the livability of space and gets rid of clutter and bad habits. It highlights a room's purpose and like Zen, helps keep a clear mind.
  • Curves - The trend of curvy furniture continues in 2022 and has seemingly thrived. These softer edges are more feminine for a room and a great contrast for angled pieces such as a desk. This isn't limited to furniture but can also be found in walls and ceilings and help break up the "boxiness" of a room.
  • Peel and Stick - Stick on wallpaper, flooring, tiling, and beyond is gaining momentum, especially among renters who don't have the option or the funds to completely overhaul their home. This is a great way to give you the freedom of expression without the fear of losing a deposit!

While a trend may not be for everyone, it is certainly a great way to get creative with your home and try out ideas that experts have deemed in style - some of which you may even have in place already or may fall in love with!

The biggest trends seem to make the headlines but these are certainly not the only ones available, you just have to find the right fit for you and your home, however, we hope our list can help you with some inspiration that may guide you to change your home and fall in love all over again in the year to come.

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