Design of the Week: Modern Korean Apartment

This week we feature a Korean apartment project selected by our designers.

Design of the Week: Modern Korean Apartment
Korean Apartment by Elsa V

Planner 5D is all about imagination and inspiration, and our users show us all the time just how creative they are. We love to showcase their inspiring interior designs to inspire others. This week, we're showcasing an amazing modern Korean apartment design with ideas you can use in your home.

Today we look at an apartment project that combines modern and Korean interior design styles designed by Elsa V. We will also show you interesting sides of this contemporary interior design style.

Modern Korean interior design style

Contemporary Korean design is fascinating because it's an intriguing blend of modern minimalism infused with subtle traditional elements. From simple wooden furniture to collections incorporating traditional elements, here are some ways to design a Korean-inspired home.

Planner 5D Modern Korean Apartment

Now, let’s look at the Korean apartment project created by Elsa V with Planner 5D. This scheme is an excellent example of the elegant and delicate way modernism interacts with Korean interior designs.

Function meets style

Korean interior design does not indicate the presence of many decorative objects, such as pillows on the sofa. The abundance of furniture is not popular either.

Korean design is never dimensionless. The fabric screen embodies this principle of symbiosis between functionality and style. A staple in Korean interiors, the silk screen acts as a divide. The wall adornments and silk screens dilute the harshness of the angular architecture by adding texture. These screens decorate and divide the space into different zones so that a singular room can have multiple functions.

Colorful art as decoration

The user perfectly incorporates the strongest side of the Korean interior design style, which is accessorizing and decorating with various colors and unique shapes. What makes the viewers admire this style is the interesting accents, colorful arts, sophisticated designs, furniture shapes, patterns or ornamentation in interior pieces, making the living space anything but boring or monochromatic.

Organic materials

The Korean style underlines the use of natural materials, not artificial ones. Nature and the way it's incorporated into designs and homes are integral to the practice of Korean design. With increasing awareness and focus on eco-consciousness, there is already a conscious effort to return to careful sourcing of green materials. This is something that anyone can easily replicate.

Like elsewhere in Asia, Korea uses natural materials native to the continent, such as bamboo, silk, and rice paper. In Korean design, tones are often muted, with pastel or near natural shades palettes. Bright colors will give the room a dazzling and airy effect while creating a feeling of warmth and harmony with other colors and motifs in the apartment. Wood material became a favorite because of its ability to deliver natural vibes for the luxury home interior design.

Want to try your hand at incorporating Korean design elements into your own project? Head to Planner 5D and create your ideal home today.

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