Design of the Week: Desert House

This week's design chosen by our designer is a modern-style house built in the middle of the desert.

Design of the Week: Desert House
Desert house by Ana G on Planner 5D

We have many creative users at Planner 5D, and we love to show off their designs in our Design of the Week feature. This week's design chosen by our designer is a modern-style house built in the middle of the desert. This creative design perfectly blends indoor and outdoor spaces while keeping the house cool.

This project created by Ana G is a great example of how everyone living in a hot climate can mix different materials to keep their house cool during the day and warm at night. This includes the use of concrete, wood and leather.

Color pallet

The desert is full of warm colors, sand, rocks, sky and a few green plants. You notice the same color palette as you enter the house. Inside we see concrete that resembles stone, while warm browns and cream colors are reminiscent of sand. Several plants are added for a fresher look. Several black elements are used as accents, adding the creator's personal touch.


Most of the house is built from concrete. It's a material that absorbs heat and keeps the house warmer during the night. During the night, the concrete becomes cooler, making the house feel colder in the morning and during the day. That way, a home in a desert will never be too cold or too hot inside, maintaining a steady temperature. Concrete also creates an industrial, modern look in the whole house, making it feel spacious with a few key details.

Other materials used here include marble, stone and wood. Marble and stone are pretty similar to concrete in how they maintain temperature. These materials can be easily adapted to create different looks, from sleek and smooth to rough and textured.

We also see wood elements in wall decor, chairs and other features. They blend nicely with the gray colors of stone and concrete, creating a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere in the house. Linen rugs and different natural textures reflect the color pallet and add to the overall vibe. Leather sofas and chairs accents add a unique element to the design and immediately attract our attention.

Bedrooms and the rest of the house

Both bedrooms and the house are large and spacious, reminiscent of a vast, open space that is the desert. The large windows expand the existing space and bring the outside in, creating an illusion of one blended space. There is no clutter here, just the essential items. This keeps the space clean and organized while adding harmony and style.

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