Bedroom Sets: Trends and Anti-Trends

Interior design trends come and go, especially when it comes to bedrooms. What should you incorporate, and what should be left behind? Here is our roundup of trends and anti-trends for bedrooms to help you decide.

Bedroom Sets: Trends and Anti-Trends

As we've explained before, interior design trends come and go, but likewise do certain aspects of interior design, one of these being bedroom sets. With bedrooms, there are always certain on-trend styles as well as anti-trends that professionals advise avoiding, if you are to successfully design both a stylish and functional bedroom.

While many trends and aspects of bedroom sets carry over from year to year, there are always new ones to consider and, on the opposite side of this, new ones to not consider. Have a look at our roundup of trends and anti-trends for bedroom sets and decide which ones you think you could implement and which to steer clear of!

Coloured Furniture

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Sometimes a neutral space can be boring, especially in the bedroom. One trend to look out for in the coming months is coloured furniture as we see more and more people take a risk with colour both inside their home in general, as well as with their bedroom sets.

A lot of people tend to opt towards matching furniture sets like these can be bought at once and for relatively cheap which saves a lot of hassle and stress, however, if you wish to add a unique depth to your bedroom set then we suggest trying to mix things up and forget about matching.

While we're not talking about a rainbow explosion of colours in the room - unless that's your vibe, it is a nice idea to maybe add a statement piece of furniture that includes a beautiful pop of colour. This could be something as dramatic as bold red bedside cabinets, a rich green wardrobe, or even something as simple but as effective as a coloured headboard. It helps cut up boring synchronicity and allows you to create both a fun and functional bedroom.

The idea of coloured bedroom sets can work well with adults, however, it is a great idea for children's rooms as you can choose particular pieces and colours that children can grow with and should they grow out of these colours, it can be as simple as painting over them!

Clever Storage

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One thing that is always on-trend, whether you're a city dweller, living in the suburbs, or in the county, is the need for storage. Storage is an integral part of interior design and is consistently one of the most important trends that carry over every year in every aspect of design. This is equally - if not more so important, in the bedroom and especially in bedroom sets.

When purchasing or even building bedroom sets for your home, it is important to consider the storage space you may need and how you can find and/or create this space. Luckily, if you are purchasing your bedroom set, in this day and age designers always have storage in mind and have you covered. If you opt to build and install the bedroom sets, you may have more freedom available to you as this can be catered to the dimensions of the room and utilise every space that the room has to offer.  

For bedside cabinets, these are always more effective when they come with drawers to save the clutter building upon the top surface. When it comes to beds, you have numerous options at your disposal. There are pneumatic options that lift the mattress up with ease to reveal hidden under bed storage, or alternatively bed frames with built-in drawers that serve the same purpose. As always, wardrobes - bought or built, usually provide the most storage in a room however be sure to measure your available space correctly so that you can not only enjoy the storage solutions but also the room itself.

Vintage & Retro

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One trend that is rising in popularity this year is Vintage & Retro vibes, this also translates to bedroom sets. It seems to have stemmed from the growing popularity of sustainability as we are seeing a re-emergence of the love for pre-loved pieces, especially from the 70's.

With bedroom sets, try to drop by your local vintage store and check out some 70's pieces they have to offer - you can also check out vintage fairs, markets, or even online stores that specialise in retro-style furnishings. In order to implement this style into your home, look for bedroom pieces that incorporate vintage colours, for the 70's think classic colours like burnt orange or moss green.

As we previously mentioned, this colour does not have to be overwhelming but can be added as a pop through bedside tables, headboards or even a wardrobe. The colour addition with the character of a vintage piece would look amazing in any bedroom!


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Always on-trend in the home, minimalism is about the decluttering of space for a peaceful and zen atmosphere, this may be even more relevant when it comes to the bedroom.

Organisation is key to a zen bedroom, so when it comes to bedroom sets and minimalism it is important to only install the necessities. While you may feel compelled to go for matching sets, this isn't necessary as you can still show your individuality as long as the room remains organised - in most circumstances, a room only needs a bed, wardrobe and bedside tables, anything other than this may seem overwhelming and void the minimalist vibe you are trying to go for.

Once successfully implemented, a room with a minimalist style bedroom set and with everything in the right place will allow you to be able to rest easy.

Matchy Matchy

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On the subject of anti-trends, it's more so a guide of what not to do when it comes to your bedroom sets. As we have mentioned above, it may seem like a good idea to purchase your set all at once, from the same retailer, in the same style and colour however we suggest you resist the urge to do so.

Matchy bedroom sets lack personality and individuality and when designing your home it is important to find furniture and styles that fit with you and your home, but also with who you are so with your bedroom sets, getting creative and adding your own flair is always better than going matchy matchy.

Heavy coordination can make an otherwise interesting room and space look boring so it is advised that if you are going for a matching furniture set, to at least adapt something diverse into it in order to create a striking feature. This can be through texture, colour or an interesting material for the furniture.

Neglecting Scale

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An important thing to be aware of in interior design is the space and scale that you have to work with, this is also incredibly important in your bedroom when it comes to your bedroom sets therefore an "anti-trend" to avoid is neglecting the scale of your room.

Furniture can be tricky and a lot of the time it may be too big or too small for the room as, for example, when buying online everything looks the same size. The idea of this anti-trend is to warn you that it is important to take measurements of your space and measurements of the furniture prior to buying it in order to save yourself disappointment and a lot of inconveniences.

Likewise, if you are building and fitting furniture in the room it is even more important to have the correct scale in order to avoid a lot of complicated mistakes and disappointment.

Playing It Safe

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Another thing to avoid with your bedroom sets is playing it too safe. We've touched on this above about taking risks being on-trend, whether this is through colour or things such as vintage pieces, but on the opposite of this not taking any risks is definitely an anti-trend.

Many people want to shy away from boldness and riskiness in the bedroom and in their bedroom sets as they think this room and its furnishings should be calm and tranquil, however, it is very possible to shy away too much and in doing so the room becomes lifeless and boring. Even a peaceful room can and should have some element of character, even some subtle element as this will allow for your personality to shine through.

White seems to be the safest way to go for a lot of bedrooms, especially in rental properties, and with bedroom sets, many people may feel they need to match the colour palette and go plain and simple with the furniture. You can either go against this and add colour as we have spoken about or go with the safety of white but add the interesting element through something like a carved headboard to make a statement.

Cluttered Chaos

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A definite anti-trend in every aspect of design as well as in the bedroom and bedroom sets is clutter. We've touched on this when speaking about minimalism and storage but in order to successfully pull off a stylish bedroom set you have to make sure that the room is not cluttered with furniture.

Usually, when we think of clutter we think of piles of papers, trinkets, unnecessary decor, clothes in the corner and just anything in a room that makes it look unorganised and messy, however, clutter can also translate into furniture and more specifically, too much of it. The concept of this anti-trend is to continue to push the idea that when choosing bedroom sets, try to utilise all of the above principles, but mostly that you install only the furniture necessary, bedroom sets with storage, sets that are to scale and fit the room, and sets that fit you.

If you accomplish this and choose the correct bedroom sets for you and your room - and don't overcrowd it with unnecessary furniture or furniture that doesn't fit, then you will have yourself a stylish and functional space.

Bedroom sets are an integral part of creating a bedroom that is both stylish and functional, so it is important that you are choosing these in the correct way as there are certain trends as well as tips to follow, however, there are also certain anti-trends and do-nots!

While most may be common sense to many, a lot may have to be employed together in order for your bedroom set to successfully function in a room. We hope our guide provides you with some useful knowledge to make an informed decision on what and what not to do when choosing your bedroom sets.

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