Beach Home: Coastal Vibe with Boho Twist

Get inspired by this beach home featured project designed by a Planner 5D user.

Beach house project with Planner 5D
Beach house | Micaela Maccaferri with Planner 5D

Summer might be coming to an end, but that shouldn’t stop you from planning your dream beach house. Today, we have a treat for your design-loving souls. Our featured project is a delightful blend of coastal charm with a touch of boho flair. Chosen by one of our PRO designers, this exotic summer project created by Micaela Maccaferri is sure to inspire. Prepare to be transported to a world of serene beaches, soothing waves, and a vibrant Bohemian spirit.

Why we chose this project

We handpicked this project for its exotic, beachy vibes that effortlessly transport you to a coastal paradise. It's all about embracing natural light, soft tones, a soothing color palette, and a clean aesthetic to recreate the breezy atmosphere of the beach right in the heart of your home.

coastal decor

Coastal decor has this incredible ability to turn any house into a sanctuary, reminiscent of a relaxing beach vacation. With its minimalism and neutral palettes, coastal design easily adapts to trends and blends seamlessly with other styles, such as the ever-popular Boho.

Design Style

Our featured project is a stunning representation of coastal design, where nature takes center stage, encouraging ultimate relaxation. Coastal interiors draw inspiration from scenic beaches, incorporating natural elements like wood, jute, rattan and linen fabrics.

natural fabrics and finishes

The color palette mirrors the ocean's calming hues, with shades of blue and white dominating the scene. What sets this project apart is the infusion of Boho elements, achieved through the clever layering of patterns. Mixing and matching textiles, like rugs, cushions, and throws, adds a playful yet sophisticated Boho touch.

Key features

This coastal project masterfully incorporates natural elements inspired by beachscapes, including natural materials. The light and airy atmosphere, the natural fibers, and the calming color palette all combine to create an environment that feels like a beachside resort.

sea views and natural light

1. Designing around sea views

One of the hallmarks of coastal interior design is optimizing sea views. In this project, furniture is strategically arranged to make the most of the breathtaking ocean scenery, ensuring that everyone can savor the stunning real estate.

2. Natural light

Natural light is a star player in this project. The use of light and airy color palettes maximizes the reflection of light, allowing the coastal views to shine. You won't find bulky furniture obstructing the beautiful windows. Instead, the design encourages sunlight to flood the house.

natural fabrics

3. Crisp whites and bleached woods

Crisp whites and bleached woods are signatures of coastal design, and they're beautifully showcased here. This combination creates a clean and fresh look that's perfect for a seaside escape.

crisp whites and bleaches wood

4. Dreamy blue tones

Different shades of blue create a soothing and inviting ambiance reminiscent of the ocean's ever-changing hues.

5. Textural elements

Natural fibers like jute add texture and interest to the space, found in baskets and rugs. Rattan furniture, such as the classic rattan dining chairs, adds a touch of coastal style to any room.

blue and white decor

6. Linen

Linen, a light and airy fabric finds its place in the interior, particularly in the corner sofa cover, adding to the relaxed vibe.

7. Indoor tropical plants

Indoor plants are a coastal staple, bringing life and freshness to the space while purifying the air.

Why should this project inspire others?

This project is an ode to tranquility and relaxation. Its emphasis on light tones, shades of blue and white, and the fusion of coastal and Boho elements makes it a haven of comfort and style.

beach house vibe

The casual furnishings, slipcovered in neutral layers, create a cozy interior that's perfect for unwinding. Sisal rugs, sea glass details, and gauzy linen drapery add to the coastal charm, while the exercise of contrasting patterns brings a touch of Boho energy. It's an invitation to embrace a relaxed, beachy vibe right in your own home.


So, if you're looking to infuse your space with the serenity of the coast and a dash of Bohemian whimsy, let this project inspire you. Dive into the soothing waves of coastal design, where the beach is just a few steps away, and creativity knows no bounds.

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