5 Lighting Trends That Will Dominate in 2023-24

These are the lighting and lamp trends to look out for this season. Don't miss out!

interior with Leucos lamps
Image courtesy of Leucos

Although it is sometimes overlooked, lighting is an essential part of any interior design project. When designing a living room, bedroom, or dining room, choosing the right lamps or lighting solutions allows you to create the ideal atmosphere. And if you're interested in discovering the latest lighting trends and the new proposals from the most desirable brands (as seen at the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2023), we'll uncover them in this article.

Soft lighting for the bedroom

Our bedrooms are spaces for rest and relaxation, and lighting can have a lot to do with that. Choosing the right lighting set-up can have a significant impact on the quality of our sleep. Avoiding fluorescent lights, intense spotlights, or cool-toned lighting is the best starting point for creating a cozy and comfortable bedroom.

Nothing evokes sleep and relaxation like warm, soft, and gentle lighting. Additionally, when decorating a bedroom, it's important to include lighting at different levels: a central cenital lamp for the morning, as well as bedside or sconces on both sides of the bed, to create a relaxed atmosphere for the nighttime.

Modular lamps

Among the countless collections showcased during Milan Design Week, modular lighting solutions are some of the most striking proposals for the coming years. From floor lamps to various types of pendant lights and chandeliers, these designs allow for free play with dimensions, shape and configuration by adding or removing different pieces.

These modular designs not only offer enormous versatility in creating ideal lamps for any space but also allow for customization according to our tastes and preferences. Choosing colors, silhouettes, shapes, and sizes has never been easier. Some of our favorite designs come from the Stacking collection by Leucos, where different pieces of colored glass fit together to achieve very unique results.

Well-lit reading nook

While dim lighting invites relaxation, for certain activities such as reading or working, it's important to have clear and abundant light. That's why we recommend creating a dedicated reading area within bedrooms or living rooms and including a well-directed focal light. Opt for a floor lamp next to your favorite armchair or a desk lamp on a bedside table or desk. Having appropriate lighting will help you concentrate without putting too much strain on your eyes.

With the increasing emphasis on well-being, it's no surprise that creating spaces within the home to enjoy activities that bring us calm and serenity has become a trend. For many, reading is a fundamental part of their self-care routines. So why not create a small reading nook at home? Undoubtedly, lighting will play a crucial role in creating such a cozy space.

Sculptural pieces and organic designs

One of the prevailing trends in interior design is the use of sofas, armchairs, tables, or desks with curved, sculptural and organic shapes. This trend is also evident in the world of lighting. Among the participating brands at the Salone del Mobile 2023, lamps with sculptural forms and organic silhouettes have made a strong statement.

These spectacular pieces can fit into any interior, but their aesthetics are generally modern and decorative. These lamps serve as the perfect counterpoint to minimalist or contemporary-style interiors. In terms of materials, glass dominates, but we also find chrome elements or colorful details that contribute to the decorative and artistic aesthetic.

Clusters of pendant lights

In interior design, there is nothing more striking and spectacular than a grand chandelier. Whether it's a dazzling classic crystal model or a more modern alternative, chandeliers add a dramatic touch to any interior. However, in the latest lighting trends, traditional chandeliers are being replaced by sets of smaller pendant lights that bring the same dramatic effect with a fresher look.

Similarly to the modular designs mentioned earlier, by playing with different suspended lamps, it's possible to achieve the perfect size and effect for any room. Experiment with different heights, sizes and materials to create a rich and deep visual effect in any room of the house.


In any case, the 2023-2024 season brings some beautiful lighting trends that will have a place in your home for years to come. However, testing different lighting installations and lamp styles at home can be difficult and expensive. That is why we recommend you to try Planner 5D. Planner 5D is a 3D home design software that allows you to easily explore different decor styles and combinations for your home, without having to spend any money. Try it out!

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