Doctor Who
加入年份: 2020
This kitchen is for a couple and is complete with a small outside area to sit in.  You can invite friends as there is space for 6, but it is aimed toward a couple, they just have many choices of where to sit. You can grow herbs and keep plants so the kitchen looks pretty green. There are many nice features which make this kitchen inviting and warm from a welcome mat to just plain curtains. It is also a bit fancy since you have your own little bartable
this is a very artistic living room with a wall full of paintings to a wall full of mirrors. this living room is complete with a sliding door that leads to a peaceful meditating/ cozy corner where you can just sit down with a book and enjoy the smell of the flowers next to you. you can also invite your friends to join you in the cozy corner to study or just talk. there is also lots of plants to help and make this place feel cozy.
This is a bedroom complete with a balconie where you will find an easel and will be able to paint the scenario you see from the window. outside the balconie there is a little tent and a flower pot with stuffed animals around it that you can paint. This bedroom is great for homeschooling or quarantine because it has a balconie so you can get fresh air and books so you can study. it also has a desk with a lamp where you can sit and do zoom calls or your homework.
i worked hard on it