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I have a passion of designing and decorating rooms and that is reason I am here. Using this app for almost 2 long years and really love to design here.
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The room belongs to a young girl who loves to paint and her room is filled with the paintings she has made. An aisle has been also been kept in the room. There are also lots of books in the room kept in different parts of the room.
The kitchen has been designed with a 3 color tones - White, Dark blue and little dark shade of Yellow or it is almost Orange. Two of the walls are painted dark blue color. Everything designed in the kitchen has a dark tone.
The bedroom is a dream for everyone. It almost looks like a room in the fairy tale books. I have chosen the white color as the base so show the room bigger and adding  shades of dark brown and dark orange to give the room a delightful look.
again the room has lots of books, a symbol of my love for books and a dresser as well as a mirror is there in the room so that any couple staying in this kind of room does not  require separate time for dressing up.
Thank you
This is a cozy living room with a big fireplace in one side of the room. The room has variety of plants and books kept in different section. There are two very cozy armchairs kept in front of the fireplace and two big sofa kept. The sofas are of two colors that gives the room a cool look. There are lots of pictures in the wall and a TV is hanging in the wall extreme opposite to to the fireplace. Please check the design, I hope you all will like it.