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Loft da cidade. Um local para relaxar e curtir com amigos. Espero que vocês gostem.
This is a design of the interior of the office in light colors and bright accents.

We have here 2 meeting rooms, 1 waiting room, a reception room, an area to relax and breath during the job and 12 sittings for employees.

I hope you all like!

Vote if you like, please! And comment your advice.
Hello Guys! How are you all doing? I hope you all doing well.
At this project of a Hotel Room I wanted to do something really nice and charming. A place to relax and whatch TV, a space to read a book, a space to study or work (sometimes we are on a trip and we need to work, am I wrong?) haha. I wanted to do something more fancing at the bathroom. And I hope that you all enjoy my project.
Leave a nice and constructive comment with your page inside so then I can improove in the others and check your project.
Wood, concrete and metal. These is the modern and most demanded theme of young people. Here we have a space for cooking, eating, relaxing with the TV and reading a book. The concrete feels cold, but the red colors make it feel warm. I hope you like my project and if you don't, you can always give me your sincere opinion.