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Very pretty bedroom! Please like and support!

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2021-05-16 00:37:24
2021-05-16 00:38:25
I like it! The only thing is it's a little dark in my opinion but I like it. Please look at my designs!
2021-05-16 17:32:12
Draft is posted!
2021-05-16 18:26:08
OK! This was a bedroom for my parents and that's how they like it!
2021-05-16 18:26:25
I got the living room and the strawberry bedroom done
2021-05-16 18:26:28
Yay! Thank you!
2021-05-16 18:28:07
I’m posting a draft now.
2021-05-17 17:41:22
I’ve posted a render for you, please heart and comment on it.
2021-05-18 16:12:48
I’m posting drafts everyday for you, please can you check everyday.
2021-05-21 15:07:31
Tessa I am not sure if I can do your house as I have a trip in a week and I Am trying to finish last minute projects like mias modern mansion and this family’s house and a few others
2021-05-22 00:08:07
New draft posted.
2021-05-23 19:29:32
tessa I’ll add that by that do you mean a normal single bed? I’ll do it once I’ve done my design battle
2021-05-24 17:13:32
Tessa just to let you know I’m not posting a draft tonight as I’ve been busy with the house move and everything. I’m moving house on Friday so I’m trying to get as much dome as possible this week before I move but I’ve got other things on my mind. Just thought I’d tell you but I’ll hopefully post another draft tomorrow.
2021-05-24 18:40:32
Hello Tessa! I am making a few neighborhoods I am designing and I was wondering if you want to pretend buy one of the houses you can be next to Mia on 10th street or you can be on Main Street? They are cookie cutter houses so they are all the same except the part when you pretend buy one of the houses and you get to choose what it looks like!!
2021-05-24 19:58:20
Yes!! I want it to be next to Mia! I gave a description on your latest project!!
2021-05-24 19:59:44
2021-05-24 22:06:50
Hi tessa, yet again I’ve not posted a draft! I’m so so busy with the house move and things but I’m trying to fit in everything but I cant, I’ll try do some more tomorrow but I can’t promise anything, is that ok? I’ll just let you know when I’ve posted a draft, I’ve got to go so have a good day/night!
2021-05-25 20:16:56
Tessa a draft is finally posted. So so sorry for not posting one in a while, things have been so chaotic!
2021-05-26 19:39:39
I’ve posted a new draft, I know you’re on holiday for the rest of today but I just thought I’d tell you.
2021-05-29 20:44:17
Final draft is posted, read the description.
2021-05-31 20:16:45
Thank u!!
2021-06-02 01:17:45
Tessa I can’t fit a bed into the bedroom, the only way I could fit one in is by getting rid of the connecting door between the room, let me know what to do
2021-06-02 11:15:15
Your final house is posted so please comment and heart it I’d really appreciate it!
2021-06-02 19:16:39
Hi, we haven’t talked in a while! How are you? I am glad school is over! Happy summer!!
2021-06-19 17:22:49
Hi tessa, what do you mean about the comment? Could you explain in the next draft I post? Thanks
2021-06-19 20:38:06
And Tessa mia is doing my house and that isn’t fair you get a 3rd house
2021-06-20 14:07:55
I've only had 1 ella what r u talking about? And I mean in the place of the other house I've requested.
2021-06-20 17:35:14
yes Ella like I’ve said I’ve done ONE house for tessa, im still doing yours so you don’t need to get involved, don’t worry.
2021-06-20 20:35:45
Can I make you a apartment it is pretty easy or a condo or town house or something easy for me because I have other houses to do and one of those will take less then 2 weeks
2021-06-21 20:57:53
Pick one and I will show you the options I will post them Tomorrow and you can choose then
2021-06-22 03:28:33
Draft one is posted and sorry it looks not really as a apartment more like a house but I can add more bedrooms and bathrooms just tell me what to do next on the draft thanks!
2021-06-22 21:23:43
Draft one is posted! I was wondering, Is the apartment on the 1st floor or higher?
2021-06-26 00:26:25
Hey aren’t I meant to be making you another house? I can’t remember what it is so could you comment on one of my older projects. If I’m not making you a bigger house also let me know as I’ll move onto another one
2021-10-28 16:44:45