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Eccentric prints, cozy rooms.

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can you make me a home?
2021-03-14 20:14:10
Megan H
I might be able to, can you provide some more details? I only say "might be able to" because I am fairly busy with school, but I will definitely carve some time out!
2021-03-15 00:29:57
ok thanks!
2021-03-20 14:59:48
I would like a tiny house and 2 lofts and my style is farmhouse and a small farmhouse kitchen small living room and one of the lofts is for a girl teenager and the other loft is the master bedroom and their needs to be a bassinet by the bed for the baby and baby toys and stuff in the house and a mud room for hanging coats and a place for shoes for kids and in the bathroom a laundry area and the tiny house has to be kid and baby friendly!
2021-03-20 15:05:18
Megan H
Sounds good. Just a question- do you want the stereotypical "Tiny House" (like the ones on TV lol) or do you just want a small house?
2021-03-20 19:59:13
like the ones on tv!
2021-03-21 02:31:58