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Adeline R Hayes

I love it how did you make the bunkbed

2020-06-01 02:19:43

This is a really cool bedroom! I love how you thought outside the box to make it unique!

2020-06-01 02:48:35

I love the pink. I love it. I will vote for you! Can you vote for me?

2020-06-01 12:35:53
User 10840096

2020-06-01 14:07:50
User 10840096

2020-06-01 15:59:16

I like the colours and the beds but, where is the wardrobe? I don't mind it, i'll vote for you. (I'm in page 11 if you want to comment or vote mine)

2020-06-01 17:23:18
Anoushka Sarin

Really nice design I love it! Please vote for me too! Here is my link-

2020-06-02 05:54:25

yours is really nice# like the soft colours

2020-06-02 16:27:57

I will vote for you! Please vote for me! Here's the link!

2020-06-02 21:56:23

I got your feedback look at what I said.

2020-06-02 23:27:07

Thanks for the feedback! I love to know what other people think about my work.

2020-06-02 23:27:45

Bunk bed is super creative!!

2020-06-03 14:40:45
Герман Паршков

Allison, I am also 14 and I also think that my projects are not noticed but I do not write complaints in the comments I just leave a link to myself and wait for my time. Please don't do this again. And Yes I like your projects I will vote for you. Link to me

2020-06-04 13:52:22

i love your design. i will vote for you. could you vote for me on page 61

2020-06-04 16:10:27

I voted for you

2020-06-05 07:59:29

thanks to everyone who has voted for me!

2020-06-05 15:56:46
Bruce Harris

I might have to use that bunkbed idea in the future! Genius! The only thing lacking is storage spaces but great use of color. Good job! Check out my design to check out mine for ideas in the future and keep it up, we all grow with time. Have fun and like my design if you can appreciate it.

2020-06-05 16:13:04
Anonymous :)

I like the loft bed.

2020-06-05 18:43:48
Interior Designsss

Super nice and smart!!!

2020-06-05 19:21:28
Interior Designsss

Vote for me please on page 13!

2020-06-05 19:21:44

HI, Allison I love the bunk beds. I voted for u can you vote for me? (Im only 11 so plese vote for me)

2020-06-06 12:40:04
Erica Lu

I will vote for everyone who vote for me

2020-06-06 20:41:29

i voted for you, please vote for me!! on page 8.

2020-06-07 21:15:14