Rin Takahashi

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Toga Himiko

This is perfect nice job and little did u know that all ur colours are the theme Greta job I gonna vote

2020-12-04 00:46:30

Gostei do seu projeto. I voted for you, please vote for me! Project 33061 Mari Mond on page 6. Eu votei em você, por favor vote em mim! Mari Mond página 6.

2020-12-04 00:54:11
Rin Takahashi

Thank you! And Toga I already voted for you. Mari Ro I'll do my best to find you!

2020-12-04 02:02:23
Mari Mond

Voted! ;)

2020-12-05 18:46:04
Paris dreamer

Hello! Thank you for your comment! I really like the walls, nice muted colours, but adds a little character to the space. My only suggestion is that you add a little more furniture because right now, it's a little plain and empty. Maybe a rug, and pictures on the wall? Also, this is a good place where you can make risky and bold designs. If nobody likes it, you know not to do it again. But sometimes it's a really big hit! I hope this helps for next time! Happy holidays!

2020-12-06 17:41:02
Rin Takahashi

Thank you Paris dreamer! I was worried about making my design too bright and colorful because this is my first time in the Design battle and didn't want people to hate it. And Happy Holidays to you as well!

2020-12-06 20:53:38
User 12006058

2020-12-06 22:11:14
Rin Takahashi

Thank you Miracle Doggy!

2020-12-06 22:13:22
Hall Pat

Hola! Interesante diseño y selección de colores, de echo me agrada mucho que sea diferente, resalta bastante bien. :D tienes mi voto

2020-12-06 22:28:43
~ɬɧɛ ąƖ℘ɧą ῳơƖʄ (ცƖąƈƙ.ῳɧıɬɛ))~

bro for real no one even talks about u no more XD

2021-02-13 01:23:21