Boba T

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Boba T

Really sorry if there is too much white I don't really care about hate comments I just want honest comments.

2020-05-27 03:15:08
Anoushka Sarin

Samantha ZHOU yours is literally amazing!! You are just an 11-year-old and your project is spectacular :)

2020-05-27 05:11:40
Anoushka Sarin

Please check mine too! This is my link-

2020-05-27 05:12:36
User 10840096

2020-05-27 13:59:16
Anonymous :)

I really like the vibrant colors. If you vote for me I will vote for you!

2020-05-27 15:25:35
Ellie rose

On page forty vote for me and comment

2020-05-27 17:30:34
Boba T

Sure thanks, guys!

2020-05-27 23:09:54
Boba T

Anoushka I have had a look at yours already!

2020-05-27 23:10:31
Anoushka Sarin

Oh sorry

2020-05-28 12:43:40
Doctor Who

i like your pastel colors it really makes it special

2020-05-28 14:30:54
Vela photography

love the sofas so cute, my is so boring, yours is cute and colorful check out mine

2020-05-28 19:47:03
Boba T

Thanks panda and Sofia Vela, and that's alright Anoushka Sarin.☺

2020-05-28 23:02:37
Boba T

I am also vs my friend Jenna Heland so you can vote for either of us.

2020-05-29 01:14:58
angelica “Dontstealmycookie” ferreira

very abstract type of style the colours compliment each other, perfect for the pastel colour lovers! please check out my design too :)

2020-05-29 18:31:03
Boba T


2020-05-29 23:59:06
Boba T

Thanks angelica!

2020-05-30 02:01:39

It’s amazing I love the pastel colours! They are amazing

2020-05-30 23:08:44
Boba T

I like how you like it!

2020-05-31 03:15:17
User 30731134

Wow! I love it!

2021-10-12 17:28:41