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Hi, your project is amazing, full of good ideas, I like it very much. Congratulations!

2020-09-24 10:34:01
Elena Z

Hi Jessica, I like the pattern you created with the wood beams, and the way you used them to separate the living room and the bedroom. The different wall materials harmonize well together, the apartment has a very warm feeling to it, maybe just the bathroom seems a little too cold in comparison, but it is just my opinion.

2020-09-24 20:56:51

Votata! Buena suerte!

2020-09-25 11:06:04

A very creative project with clever use of beams and cubes and beams. The colours may be a little dark for such a small space, but I really like your bathroom. Nicely done :-)

2020-09-25 16:02:13
Elena Z


2020-09-25 18:20:51