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Designer Good

Hey you have good design, nice colors and a good distibution of the space, visit me in the page 1, and vote and leave a comment if you like it

2020-09-07 00:34:34

Here are my renders and

2020-09-07 01:47:48
User 15281715

2020-09-07 02:05:25

wow!!!! very good!!!!! you can everything!!! and if you like my planner please whrite your comment for my projeckt!!!! good luck!!!

2020-09-07 02:50:04

I really like the overall look of your project. It goes with the black and white theme very well. I would say to look at your project in 3D before submitting because your pictures do not line up with the wall in legnth and hight.

2020-09-07 02:56:23

This fits the brief perfectly great job. I'm on page 4 if you would like to see my project

2020-09-07 03:52:45

WOW!!! I love your design, u are fantastic!!!!! I have always admired your designs are great. I hope you can see the mine and comment if u like and votefor me later. I´ll do it too

2020-09-07 04:32:39

Looks mostly good, all i can gripe is it seems a little to dull and grey, but that may be my moniter, anyways im on page 7

2020-09-07 07:58:12

First of all, congrats on fourth place! As always, you nailed the theme, and your project is full of nice details! Feel free to visit mine on page 7. Good luck :)

2020-09-07 08:42:54

Congrats on getting 4th place!! Also I like the office area with all the plants! If you have time, come see mine on page 9! Thanks! Build Me up Buttercup! :-)

2020-09-07 11:31:34
User 13726813

2020-09-07 11:40:48


2020-09-07 11:52:25
אורי אליצור

תסתכלו על הפרוייקט של בעמוד 4

2020-09-07 13:03:14

Holy balls I love this!! And that's how you do a mural everybody! I do think some more browns/darker wood would warm the space up a bit, but it does fit the description to the letter. Excellent job! ;D

2020-09-07 14:58:56

Absolutely fantastic renders btw! ༼⁰o⁰;༽꒳ᵒ꒳ᵎᵎᵎ

2020-09-07 15:06:16

Oh yeah, Mine is on page 11, appreciate any feedback, vote if you like, yada yada...

2020-09-07 15:10:27
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

woww i really like it! i will be voting for you when voting starts! please chech my project on page 1

2020-09-07 16:07:58
User 12006058

2020-09-07 21:35:46

Love the layering of the wall murals!

2020-09-08 08:50:46

thanks everybody

2020-09-08 11:57:16
Anna doggy

Beautiful please vote for me on page 24

2020-09-08 12:47:55
Anna doggy


2020-09-08 12:48:26

Hi , i really like your office , its cool , lovely and elegant especially what you did with the paintings giving the office a lively feeling . don't get me started with the textures you've used and the color grey which still makes the design looks black and white and at the same time a nice grey room . If you don't mind please check out my design on page 12 , i would really appreciate it.

2020-09-08 12:51:11
User 12006058

2020-09-08 14:15:14

thanks lazy doggy

2020-09-08 15:13:24
User 12006058

2020-09-08 15:18:44

I like it!

2020-09-08 15:48:37
Jh Guy

Love it! pls vote for me. I'm on page 15.

2020-09-08 16:03:44

Thanks everybody

2020-09-08 16:37:00
Julio Medrano

Good design. It has a boho style for the plants. I like the mural although I prefer that everything is in its place, since it goes through the wall. Be careful when placing the decorations so that they do not remain floating like the curtain or go through another solid object and your design can be seen clean and as realistic as possible, the books, a plant, an ornament go through the shelves, the air fan is very high and through the ceiling. I like the two desks, the black and white carpet, I did not put the white tone so I used gray. I invite you to view and comment on mine on page 27.

2020-09-08 22:05:15
Sophie Lyons

I love your design! It's so classy and you nailed the theme! The circle and triangle pictures are sticking out of the walls, though and I'm not sure if you intended to do that... But I like your design a lot! Please check mine out on page 34! Thanks!

2020-09-09 01:12:10

Nice project! lovely and elegant, you are getting good results. If you want to see my project, I'm on page 30, and please leave me your opinion!

2020-09-09 07:27:51
User 11344610

2020-09-09 15:18:21

Mind blown! I love it! I am on page 1, and if you vote for me you can get a popsicle! (You have to buy it though... :) )

2020-09-09 18:16:19

Sorry I am on page 41 not 1.

2020-09-09 18:26:01

I did intend to do that. If they dont make sence look at the renders

2020-09-10 12:08:44
User 12006058

2020-09-10 20:33:38


2020-09-11 01:31:41
User 15281715

2020-09-11 01:49:35
doodie the dachshund

thanks for standing up to me but i did leave sophy a nice little comment

2020-09-11 02:05:49

why were you being so mean on my project. I did nothing to you. i really just want to know?? I comment nice things all the time and i have never criticized your project, actually the one you commented on was my living room one. let me break down to you since you cant comprehend it yourself. It belongs to an artist, and she values art and art venues and events. she holds many awards and she is known around the world. she has to uphold many seating areas around the house to keep around for guests and reviewers. she has also just remodeled her kitchen, living room and ball room. so she just added back her furniture. she hasnt put up her trophies and awards but she will. you cant rush art, so dont rush me.

2020-09-11 02:19:12

please vote for my work its on page 1 i have 0 likes

2020-09-11 08:47:36


2020-09-11 10:01:37

Thanks everybody

2020-09-11 11:48:30


2020-09-11 11:49:37


2020-09-11 12:47:25

Vote for me

2020-09-11 16:07:48
Romina Cary

gee you always impresse me! the amount of details you have used!! i love it! voted! good luck! :)

2020-09-11 19:03:33
Doungun soungun loungun!

iam doungun, i love your project, is good lokkingand with to yea witha chicken tikka

2020-09-11 19:17:01
Doungun soungun loungun!

never mind, i voted for you!

2020-09-11 19:17:20

I love it!

2020-09-12 01:48:19

Sleepy doggy please please vote for me I’m on page 47

2020-09-12 06:41:21


2020-09-12 11:55:28
User 13286372

2020-09-12 16:33:39
User 13286372

2020-09-12 21:17:49
Milica G.

Wow, it rocks! I love absolutely everything!

2020-09-13 07:13:12
Do me a 👍 and I'll try to do you a 👍 Back (Lavi)

!מי שיצביע לי בעמוד 10 אני הצביע לו!!!!!

2020-09-13 09:34:31

Thanks yall

2020-09-13 23:40:53