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Hi, I love your design and I voted for you. Please vote for me on page 1

2020-08-01 11:22:46

I appreciate your vote Doggy. I've voted for your work. May I ask how you were able to add a partition wall?

2020-08-01 12:56:00

Oh! What calm colors! Blue, like other natural shades, is very soothing! I liked it and voted! Feel free to check my design and vote up if you think I deserve it! Thank you!

2020-08-01 23:40:03

Murphy, thanks your good comment!!! i will vote you!!! thanks!!! good luck!!

2020-08-02 01:25:02

Very nice and bright apartment. Love how you used the wardrobe to divide the living space from the bedroom. Voted for you :)

2020-08-02 07:26:01