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k i t﹒k a t

Wow! really like it :) imma vote 4 you as soon as voting opens! ;) Here's my link be sure to leave me your link so I can check your design out! Happy Designing!

2020-07-13 00:46:53


2020-07-13 01:05:59

I love the rug.

2020-07-13 04:27:50
Sarah K.

Hi Ducky, I really love all of your projects, including this one! I would like it if you would stay some more weeks, and show that you have talent, just don't promise what you cant keep. I will vote for you, pls comment on my page, and vote when the voting starts(If you like:) I am on page 5

2020-07-13 07:17:38
TBC Builds

Great job! Looks great! Please vote for me and leave a like or a comment!

2020-07-13 08:24:48
Sarah K.

Hi Ducky look you have a "lover"Some people are saying some really bad stuff about you....

2020-07-13 09:52:25

thanks everybody (except Laura)

2020-07-13 12:12:35

Here is my render

2020-07-13 12:27:43

In the renders it makes it look better so it is less blue

2020-07-13 12:29:24
Sarah K.

Tnx for your comment ducky I will vote 4 u pls vote for me:)!

2020-07-13 12:52:03

I agree with Laura. She has only told you what she thinks of your project, you should not only thank people who tell you beautiful things, but also those who tell you what they do not like as they help you improve.

2020-07-13 13:52:44

the blue and gray go great together. but i don't like the lamps next to the fire place because i feel like they are an unnecessary light source do to the fireplace. please check out mine and tell me what i can do better

2020-07-13 15:14:43

i also think their are too many lights in general. i think a room shouldn't be that bright and that it is a waste of space and materials.

2020-07-13 15:30:02


2020-07-13 15:49:26

This is really nice! please check out mine here leave a comment if you would like!

2020-07-13 18:22:28

Love it, I'll vote see you on page 20!

2020-07-13 19:35:06

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2020-07-13 20:36:49
Bruce Harris

This is not what someone that places in the top 5 this point, I don't think your even care. This looks like it was slapped together in an hour. Effort would have been hours planning and experimenting with colors and textures. So eager to spam how you want to place top 5(we all would like to place but at what cost. I bet it isnt the cost of those renders you're blowing through. 20 of those will set you back $10 irl. Really, If you want to be better, take people's honest advice. Check out furniture store catalogs or google styles to give you a better understanding of what design really is. Good luck and I hope to see you grow into a great designer someday. Check out mine here Im out.✌

2020-07-13 22:14:16

it's very nice, but as always, it could use an accent wall, I also agree with scar about the lights by the fire place, thanks for letting me give you some advice. and

2020-07-14 00:45:29

You didnt have to use everything

2020-07-14 19:57:28

Hello... really nice check out mine

2020-07-15 03:26:38

wow i like the design please vote for me when the voting starts heres the link of my project

2020-07-15 05:50:50

Wow! A very interesting version of the living room with fireplace. I like it! Please see my work

2020-07-15 10:56:59

the colour scheme works really well, the flooring is nice and the pale blue walls

2020-07-15 12:38:49

here is my design, and a few renders,,, i would love it if you could check it out and leave a comment

2020-07-15 12:38:52
Boba T

no offence ducky but I do agree with designer queen also I think that your living room was a bit bland there was barely any color.

2020-07-16 00:12:51

WOW! It looks great! I love how you used the space and I love the colors you chose! Please checkout my design If you leave a like/comment I will do the same for you!

2020-07-16 00:43:30

Amazing room.... Check out mine: :) Pls remember to vote for me if you like it and leave a comment with a link to yours so I can vote for you!

2020-07-16 03:34:59

It's very grey. But the blue books are nice. Please check out mine

2020-07-16 20:30:45

this is so cool! I like the color scheme that you have! Please come and check out mine!

2020-07-16 21:33:06

designer queen... You are saying all of these really bad things about ducky's project... I just want to let you know that you are reported for swearing on a website that my little brothers have... You are SO irresponsible and I can't believe that you are saying those kinds of things to someone. Be ASHAMED!!!

2020-07-16 21:37:55

Ducky there is also this person who is saying really mean things about you... I reported them too!

2020-07-16 21:51:16
aGaiLo Official

please vote me

2020-07-18 02:15:46
Lexi Győrfi

I really like the the blue colour in the little details. Makes the room more energetic and relaxing. Vote from me. :) Please, check out mine, and give a like, if you like it. Good luck for the contest!

2020-07-19 07:21:33

wow, i love it, the greys look very nice! by the way heres my link if you wanna see mine mine

2020-07-19 12:25:44

i voted for you

2020-07-19 13:33:41

wow ! i really like it ill vote pls vote and comment for me on page 9

2020-07-19 15:08:42
Eren Yılmaz

Nice room! Vote for you :)

2020-07-19 16:09:00