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Adeline R Hayes

i will be votting for you

2020-07-06 00:20:26

hello I love your project it is beautiful look at my project: https: //

2020-07-06 00:34:19

i will vote for you

2020-07-06 00:37:14
User 10802606

2020-07-06 00:42:06

I think yours is super good come see mine on page 1 and comment and vote me!! I really want to get to the top 5 !! Thanks!! :-)

2020-07-06 01:28:11

oh god no

2020-07-06 01:35:51

2020-07-06 01:36:49
Architect Allie

Hi ducky owen, I love how classic this bedroom is. Also I'm going to guess that you actually got 3rd last week, because I have a good feeling that the person who got first probably had a whole bunch of false votes, so they will be disqualified, I'm not positive on this though, so don't take my word to seriously. I hope you can beat R.S. this week. good luck, I'm on page 3.

2020-07-06 03:21:21
Planner 5D

wow! your planner is very good!!!! so i voted you. your planner is neat. if you like it please vote me for my planner.

2020-07-06 04:58:33

hi! i really like the colours u have chosen, and the layout is great! your project is really good! i will definitely vote for u when voting starts. here is a render of my project if u like it, please check out my project, and vote for me

2020-07-06 10:25:47

btw congrats on winning 4th last wek

2020-07-06 10:26:36


2020-07-06 10:26:45

thanks I will be voteing for all of you

2020-07-06 11:06:43

Here are my renders.

2020-07-06 11:22:37

it's so cool, i will vote for you since the vote start here is my link

2020-07-06 11:44:31
Happy doggy

I love your project! I will vote for you

2020-07-06 12:01:02


2020-07-06 12:09:56

omg amzizng i will vote for you plz vote for me

2020-07-06 13:08:22

Hi Owen, Great job! I like the colors and layout. Maybe next time dont put the dresser at the end of the bed, it makes it feel cramped by the door. I will be voting for u tho, here is the link to mine please comment with the link to urs so I can find you easily when voting starts! Congrats on 4th place!

2020-07-06 13:53:17

Sorry, nevermind about the dresser, I didnt look properly, I think thats really smart

2020-07-06 13:53:59


2020-07-06 14:55:05

Sorry but I don't like the walls.

2020-07-06 17:45:35

I really like it ill definitely vote for u pls vote and comment for me

2020-07-06 18:25:54

2020-07-06 18:27:16
User 12798674

2020-07-06 18:40:26
Born to be Wild

Your bedroom design is really classic ! Love your color scheme. If you have time, do check out my design as well

2020-07-07 09:30:17

2020-07-07 16:15:44

too many clashing colors

2020-07-07 16:16:17

is the ducky from the sea said the blue ninja no't me

2020-07-07 17:47:00
Ítzel Valencia

me encanta, tienes mi voto .porfavor vota por mi y comenta

2020-07-07 21:01:35

It's color looks ravishing please check mine and leave a comment so that i can vite for you. And vote for me .

2020-07-08 06:15:28
Герман Паршков

as always, shit. with a project like this, you will never be in the first place.

2020-07-08 09:33:43

Hello, check mine

2020-07-08 10:21:04

really like the colour scheme you have used and the flooring

2020-07-08 10:34:15

Your project is very nice. I will definitely vote for you . Please please vote mine please

2020-07-08 11:05:46

Hello) I like the way you put the furniture in the room except for the bed. But the room nice and cozy. I'll vute for you)) Please leave your opinion about my project

2020-07-08 11:53:17

I will vote for all of you when it opens

2020-07-08 11:59:45

Hello, Please check mine Renders :

2020-07-08 14:45:30
Bruce Harris


2020-07-08 22:37:27


2020-07-09 11:13:32

Hey, I will get all my friends to vote you!!! And sorry about the kitchen round!! I did not see that one untile now!! SORRY!! Please vote ME!!! Also how do you put that little green box with the green arrow down???? PLease tell me!!!

2020-07-09 16:37:10

I am on page 39!!!

2020-07-09 17:00:32
Shamroc fion

hi i really like it! Hers mine. and when you go to mine,please give me your link so I can vote 4 u, ok? Great, thanks! goatman sup guys I cant find my pagehi i really like it! Hers mine. and when you go to mine,please give me your link so I can vote 4 u, ok? Great, thanks! goatman sup guys

2020-07-09 17:25:34
Shamroc fion my link

2020-07-09 17:25:48
Shamroc fion

woah what happened? i put in that TWICE pardon me le de theoil

2020-07-09 17:26:17

Hi! You did a great job in this room. Keep up the good work. Check out mine in this link and please vote for me if you think I deserve it. Comment your link so I can vote for you. Thank you ❤️

2020-07-09 22:15:18
MayLeea Boyd

I think we all can agree that you definitely deserve first this week! Great job! Keep working hard! If you want to look at mine here's my link. Stay safe and stay home!

2020-07-09 22:49:59
Interior Designsss

Please vote for me! Thank you!

2020-07-10 00:15:41
TBC Builds

Love yours! Please use check out mine!

2020-07-10 01:34:45
Carol Freddy CR7

Love your work. I voted for u! Here's my work. please vote for me if u like it!

2020-07-10 03:10:06

here is a render of mine and a link to my design, i would love it if you could check it out, leave a comment and maybe even vote for me :)

2020-07-10 07:18:44

I will vote for all of you

2020-07-10 11:11:48


2020-07-10 11:55:37

Really nice! Please check out mine here and vote for me if you think its good

2020-07-10 12:21:10

I voted for you

2020-07-10 12:21:25

I vote 4 u pls vote 4 me

2020-07-10 13:14:11

Done voting! let me know if u vote for me!

2020-07-10 14:59:36
Guillermo Enrique Silva Bracho

Hi! You did a great job in this room. I voted for you! Keep up the good work. Check out mine in this link httpsplanner5d.comescontestsdetail10295 and please vote for me if you think I deserve it. Thank you ❤️

2020-07-10 23:39:34

Hi I voted for you please vote for me here is my link I love the color theme you did it actually gave me the vibe I was in a classic bedroom but not to classic. Best of luck! stay safe from COVID - 19 and please give me any feedback on my project as my dream job is to be an interior designer.

2020-07-11 01:23:24
Minecraft Lover

WOW! Amazing, please anybody who feels like to be nice to me, please vote for me and I'll vote for you! (But only if you vote too, on your behalf) :)

2020-07-11 03:21:52
TBC Builds

Wow good job! Please check out mine and leave a like or a comment!

2020-07-11 04:06:32

Urs loks really nice! Btw, thanks for commenting on mine! Really appreciate it.

2020-07-11 05:40:57
Minecraft Lover

please vote for me i want to get on the board! please...

2020-07-11 06:09:45

Please vote for me other wise I will not vote for you

2020-07-11 09:24:44

I voted for all of you

2020-07-11 12:51:54
Герман Паршков

fuck you I don't vote for this shit

2020-07-11 13:24:11
Eren Yılmaz

Nice project ! Vote for you :)

2020-07-11 14:15:33

Hi! this is really good! please check out mine here and vote for me if you think its good i voted for you!

2020-07-11 15:23:52


2020-07-11 21:49:53

nice have voted for u pls vote for me

2020-07-12 01:52:42
Baby doll

hi i love your work it is so special and great i would love to vote for you if you vote for me in this link and indicate so i can know that you voted and drop your link i promise i would vote back...................

2020-07-12 10:15:25


2020-07-12 10:56:27
Sarah K.

Hi I voted 4 u, Just one thing, I thought u said that u wouldn't join planner 5d anymore... Just because u changed your name doesn't mean u aren't still here right? someone said u should let someone else win, and look u have already got about 29 votes, u might win again this week, and those other people who are dying to get voted and you are standing in their way... I like your room so voted for you, I don't want any hate Ok? I am on page 9 link:)

2020-07-12 10:58:46
Sarah K.

I don't mean to hurt ur feeling ok, Just trying to be friendly:)

2020-07-12 10:59:40
Sarah K.

Hi Tnx for your comment I voted for you here is my link

2020-07-12 12:52:39
Sim Dhanda

I voted for you if you haven't please do

2020-07-12 12:59:50
Born to be Wild

Voted for you! Do checkout mine

2020-07-12 13:02:36

hi! your project is really good! i voted for u! here is a render of my project, if u like it, please vote for me

2020-07-12 14:02:17
Clove Kitty


2020-07-12 17:09:49
Clove Kitty


2020-07-12 17:10:20
Clove Kitty

pls check mine out

2020-07-12 17:11:20

voted for you!

2020-07-12 20:18:53

i would love it if you could check mine out and vote for me!

2020-07-12 20:18:58
Baby doll

please vote then i will vote for you

2020-07-12 22:52:15
Baby doll

please vote then i will vote for you

2020-07-12 22:59:47

thnks I voted for all of you guys

2020-07-12 23:45:05


2020-07-12 23:50:20


2020-07-13 07:18:25
Fidan Abdullazade

wow super projects +1

2020-07-17 20:31:24