Parul Chaturvedi
Užsiregistravo 2020
Paskelbti projektai Dizaino konkurse
Tried my best to design a classy bedroom which has minimal required furniture and really goes with the classy theme. 
I gave the bed a look gives a feeling of a comfort bed.
The dresser and closet are kept white as it gives a pleasant feeling. 
Also i  used table lamps on either side. The painting i chose are more abstract . The television is placed right in-front of the bed for a very comfortable view.
There is shelve which can be used as a TV unit or to keep decorative elements.
This is a Living space with a cozy fireplace for the people to relax. And a sofa set by the window for a chill time. Then i have also used the corner area of the room as a reading corner cause having one is always better. Also there is a proper T.V area with a stylish sofa set. Kept the color choice subtle and as simple as possible but stylish at the same time. Do vote if you really liked it.