Holiday cottage for AMW 86949 by Rita Oláhné Szabó image

About this project

A lovely two bedroom cottage with a well equipped kitchen, a terrace and a pool. Enjoy your holidays here!

Komentarze (6)
I love it!!
2021-05-13 17:38:56
will you make me a house???
2021-05-13 17:39:15
the kitchen is so pretty!!!!!!!!!
2021-05-13 17:55:31
I wish it had more uper storage!
2021-05-13 17:55:57
I love it but I don't think I asked for this!
2021-05-13 19:04:40
Rita Oláhné Szabó
Pls check the kindergarden project, there are several comment from you, and I think that I promised a house to you once, long ago
2021-05-14 09:29:45