Užsiregistravo 2020
...i not telling
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This project is called 'Sweet Dreams'. I named it this way because it is the dream girls bedroom any little girl could ask for! I have added a few minor accessories such as the little teddy bear on the bed and a cushion on the desk chair. I have only placed one chair in front of the desk instead of the vanity desk because who would spend their time buying ANOTHER chair for ANOTHER desk that is sitting RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER (you know what I am trying to say)! I hope you enjoy my girls bedroom! - E Mya
Another one of  my projects! This one is called 'Dark, Sweet, Dark?' I named my creation this because of the theme 'Dark Kitchen'. In my opinion, this isn't my best  room (not that good at doing kitchens)! Hopefully you vote 4 me and I will be sure to return the favor! ???? - 3wood201