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About this project

This is a house for two families that live together. Each family has 4 people. One is a family with parents and two twin girls who are 5. And the other family is two parents and two boys, one is 6 and one is 7

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Annabella Grace Lara
hey keki! i am starting your house now
2021-08-27 14:23:29
Annabella Grace Lara
could you please describe what style you would like please? thank you then i will get right onto it
2021-08-27 14:24:08
Annabella Grace Lara
2021-08-27 14:24:14
Draft posted. Please comment
2021-09-01 21:14:47
Annabella Grace Lara
i have now made the house keki it is on show. i am taking it down at 7:00 england time or earlier but first ima let you see it
2021-09-05 08:45:34
2021-09-05 21:37:18
Annabella Grace Lara
do you want to save the project i did for you bc ima taking it off soon
2021-09-06 06:05:40
Cool design with free items
2021-10-18 09:19:59
And nice computers for online class, Youtube etc.
2021-10-18 09:21:59