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Hi, so I’m stuck on the living room colour scheme, what colour scheme would you like it to be? I’ll post a draft when I’m happy with the progress, just comment on my profile the colour scheme so I can change it to what you want!
2021-08-19 20:25:02
At the moment it’s grey and pastel yellow
2021-08-19 20:28:12
Is this teenage room?? I know it is a girl's room...
2021-08-20 10:59:36
yes it is.
2021-08-20 22:04:54
Sorry I forgot to say that it’s for the living room, I’ve made progress on it and I’m happy with the pastel yellow and grey, but if you didn’t like that I could change it
2021-08-21 06:41:42
No. I think those colors are good!
2021-08-21 13:02:56