La primavera è nell'aria!

Progetta una stanza per le vacanze con un tavolo da pranzo per celebrare la Giornata internazionale dei diritti della donna!

Designer Queen.

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User 12006058

2021-03-08 07:36:05
Designer Queen.

that was fast

2021-03-08 07:36:46
Designer Queen.


2021-03-08 07:36:50
User 12006058

2021-03-08 07:37:34
Stranger Things Lover

Hi Ahri Alpha queen, I love this design it is very colorful and bright, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love the layout and the furniture and the baby blue color on the kitchen place area thingy, I think it would be better if there were different colors on the table because I think the colors dont look very nice together (I don't mean to offend you by the way) but otherwise this project is lovely, good luck!!!!and please check out my design by clicking on my name or going to page 38!!!!

2021-03-08 10:20:44
Designer Queen.

2021-03-08 16:54:40
User 20244259

i love how brave you are with colours and i think that's great but i agree with the comment above that not all colours go well together. please see mine on p.110

2021-03-08 18:49:03
Hall Pat

Gracias por los corazones en mi proyecto. ;) Interesante juego de colores, me encantó el de la cocina *.*

2021-03-09 15:37:39

Hi, I am back again, I can totally get a spring feeling! The storage area by the door is nice I like the color/material. I love how you put accessories on the table and I love the painting above. The circle paintings I love how they turned out. The curtains are not my favorite but in a way, they match/flow. The pink table setup is nice but it is sort of separated from the rest of the room, I do like how it looks though. The kitchen area matches the curtains. I love how you made it a more spring shade of blue. I love the countertop it contrasts the blue really well. I like how you paid attention to accessories ( which is key) Overall I like it but I just don't think the table and light match the rest of the room. Please check out mine, make sure to comment! Thank's for the support!

2021-03-09 16:26:44

Nice project. You were probably taken by the pastel colors from last week’s assignment.

2021-03-10 08:29:32

hi love the design ❤❤

2021-03-10 12:22:21

hi!!!!!!!!!! i am in love with your creations ahri alpha queen

2021-03-31 03:47:05