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I am an intelligent Ravenclaw. That enjoys social studies, writing, and reading. I want to be a successful entrepreneur and House designer or Lawyer or Activist. I am interested in this website to help enhance my skill and meet new people. I am always open to learning new things and brave enough to take those risks. My sister is Ellie;). Hi everybody, you may be wondering what happened to T:)? I am taking a 3-month break.I will still post,I'm not sure about my usual comments.Over time I will respond back!
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Happy Valentine's day! The theme was white and red. I really hope you enjoy the space I have created for this week's project. It's very cozy and soft. This my first project on this app, it would be great if you could write about my work and share it with others. I was not really feeling this project but I managed. I feel comfortable enough to share this project with you. It was hard to incorporate red. Overall I think it turned out great. Happy Valentine's day (again) the 5D floor planner family!
Xīnnián kuàilè! (which means Happy Chinese New Year) is a 15 day-long celebration. No, I do not celebrate, but I do take Chinese classes. This project really means a lot to me, I am totally feeling it this week. With that being said, enjoy this week's design and make sure to leave a comment, all feedback is excepted. Happy Chinese new year floor planner family.                              Challenge: Comment if you celebrate or not.       #week 2 of using this app.
I am back, with week 3. The boy's bedroom..... I think I did fine, but I am a girl. I did not fully understand this challenge, so I spent time contemplating even doing Planner5d this week. After looking at inspirational pictures and comments from others, I decided to challenge myself. Along with some difficulties, I think I pulled through. This age group is the 11- 16, I would say? I used a lot of blues, whites, and wood. I also made each part of the room have its own room if that makes sense? The overall turnout is cohesive and modern. What do you think? #Week 3
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