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Hello my fellow Planner 5D people this weeks challenge is to create a bedroom and a balcony this challenge was really fun for me and I hope everyone out there is doing good!!! :D
Hello my fellow 5D peeps how u doing? Well let me chat a little about this Office so when u walk in there's this painting on the wall! Then u have a sitting area when your tired of working or filming videos for Youtube! :) when u look straight ahead u see a AWESOME work area/ Filming Youtube videos! It has a lamp for light a computer for videos and editing anything or just playing video games! lol... On the right of the desk u see i put some books to read in your free time! A table for your plants or your drinks! If u look by the chill area u see selves those i made by myself then put a cute little cactus! ^_^ I really hope u guys enjoy!! If u did like it commet down below and say why u liked and it and VOTE if u really enjoyed it if u commet maybe ill vote for yours? :) OK BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! And stay safe! - Rose :)
Ive never won before but if i won I would be SOOOO HAPPY!!! :D 
This is my project! Hope u like it! - Rose
This is my cozy little kitchen! It includes a nice art piece on the wall. Nice shelving so u can store your needs and goodies! :D I dining table so u and your family and friends can enjoy a nice dinner! :) Over by were we cook theirs a rug which is nicely colored. :) Were we cook we have all the tools u need to make a yummy family meal! Such as: A sink there is also some racks so u can store your dishes also there are some tools by the oven! Finally one of my FAVS part of this build is my coffee bar! By the coffee bar u can serve your loved ones a cup of coffee or some hot coco when its winter! :D I liked this challenge A LOT its prob my fav of the ones ive done! I liked this because the kitchen is a VERY nice place to sit and talk or cook YUMMY things with your family and friends! :D - Rose :D Enjoy plz write a comment down below and LIKE it would mean the WOLRD :D