Mackenzie Fraser
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A starter interior designer. Look up to Bobby Berk. Currently designing my bedroom. You can watch Queer Eye on Netflix! Bobby Berk is in it!
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My project is my first project on this website. I am NOT an interior designer. This project is my future kitchen. I really want to win this and it would mean everything if I could win!
My project is supposed to be a game and TV room while still keeping the room comfy and cozy to be in. Please vote for me and leave an honest comment saying how I did on the room! This is my second completed project on this contest. If you like my design, don't forget to vote and comment for me please!
My project I did, it had all (or at least most) of the nessasary things that you'll need in your house!

Tell me how I did (and be honest please!)
2 totally different girls bedroom styles. To the right of the front entrance, there is a more mature style of bedroom, that is just perfect for ages 12 and up. While on the left of the main entrance, there is a bedroom for little girls, that is just perfect for ages 11 and below. And finally, the 2 styles meet in the rest room. There is enough storage space for all their clothes and books. 

Please give me you're most honest opinion about it all! I really hope that you guys like it and please vote for me, I really want to get to first place this time!