Hotel room 3 (pink and green cottage room) 9591812 by Anonymous:):) image


This is the 3rd addition to the set of hotel rooms I have created. Hotel 1:https://planner5d.com/gallery/ideas/YK87P Hotel 2:https://planner5d.com/gallery/ideas/YNMFF/photos-apartment-house-bedroom-living-room-kids-room-ideas

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FOR EVERYONE Hello! This is an amazing design and I really love it. Here is a tip: Try posting your designs and you will get more views and likes. People really like it when they can go in and see it themselves. Trust me it works. I do have one request please if any of you can: Can you build me a small but not to small cozy beach house or country house please. I do not like pink and I will like a dog and humans in please. I LOVE music and I am a singer and gamer. And please can you post this so I can have it.I will like a back yard and a front yard. I also will like a bike and a teddy bear on my bed. If you can I will really like the nature around my house because I love the outside and everything that is outside. Can I have a back and front yard porch and can they be different porches please. I really will like a swing and trees. Can I have a dog bed to. And in front and back porch can I have a sitting place. Also can I please have a pool and night,day time.Thank you so much and Have a nice day yall.
2022-09-14 15:02:50