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Enjoy this cute little small house!

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2021-06-02 17:23:45
this is lovely
2021-06-03 08:54:25
I love it!
2021-06-03 13:46:45
Wow! I am just wondering when will my house be done?
2021-06-04 00:42:08
Very nice!!!
2021-06-04 07:02:13
waw! beautiful
2021-06-04 17:26:46
Ella, I don't think I ever started a house for you because you did not tell me what you wanted
2021-06-04 20:11:10
I thought I did! I want a 5 bed 5 bath farmhouse and I want stone on the back side of the house and the sides and front have white board and batten siding and the inside has a beautiful staircase and a closet for coats and shoes and backpacks and then I want some gray marble stone at the entry way and then the rest of the flooring in the house I want engineered hardwood through out the house and carpet in bedrooms and tile in bathrooms and then the kitchen I want white cabinets and a dark blue island or you can do black and I want brass hardware and a big range with a custom looking hood and I want quartz white with vaining countertop and stainless steal appliances and the living room I don’t really care but my only must haves are the rustic farmhouse style and a big electric fireplace and beams that are a light white oak that match the flooring and ooh I want wide plank flooring and then the dining room I don’t care for just rustic farmhouse and the bedrooms you can do whatever you want just stay with the st
2021-06-06 23:34:45
Ella, thanks for letting me know! I will start working on it soon. I have been SUPER busy lately so it might take a little longer than normal
2021-06-08 16:31:25
Omg I literally thought this was my house! Because all of the renders look like it but when will my house be posted and sorry for commenting on those renders I thought it was my house!
2021-06-19 15:58:44
Hey Ella, no worries! I have been super busy but i have not forgotten about you. It will be posted as soon as I am done. So far I have done the master bedroom, master bathroom, one hall bathroom, and entryway.
2021-06-19 20:30:04
Wow that is great!!
2021-06-19 21:41:47
I have some free time so would you like me to design you a house? I can start on July 10th or before that because I am going to play the ukulele in front of the whole farmers market every week so I won’t be here very much because I have to practice
2021-06-19 21:43:11
Hi Ella! Awww that's so exciting; good luck!!! And sure, that would be really cool! I'll leave a comment below with what I would want. I'm excited to see how you tackle my design style and wants
2021-06-21 03:21:30
TO ELLA: Thanks so much for doing this for me! I want to be an interior designer and work in an office but want to be able to have a home office to work in too if I have to be at home. I would want it to be close to or even part of the main area of the house along with plenty of natural light and windows. I want three kids, so lots of storage and play areas for them. Ideally, I would like a two story house with a two-car garage and a mudroom. I really like a minimalistic/Scandinavian style with touches of mid-century modern. I want a master bathroom with a large soaker tub and lots of natural light. A large kitchen would be good with an island and lots of seating and prep space. Lots of accents of plants, wood, and light colors like white, cream, beige, and some other muted colors.
2021-06-21 03:25:01
No problem this is going to be so so fun! Cant wait!!
2021-06-23 01:33:00
Love omg it looks so real
2022-03-10 20:16:41