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Gracie Kent

I like the darker color scheme! Please stop by my design here and leave a comment if you like it!

2020-06-16 22:02:00

Thank you! I stopped by yours and I will vote for you as soon as voting starts!

2020-06-17 23:31:14

Yours is really nice please come and comment mine and you have my vote. (ANYONE WHO COMMENTS FOR ME GETS MY VOTE (PROMISE))

2020-06-18 00:57:09

wow! i love it! its really good and all the colours match i would love to have such a bedroom! im definitely voting for u pls vote 4 me

2020-06-18 13:27:23

I voted for you please vote for me

2020-06-19 08:39:44

It looks awesome! Love the colors! Can you check out mine on page 47? If so please leave a comment so I know you were there!

2020-06-22 03:38:24