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wow! i love the colours! is that a relaxing place in the corner? its so cute! please vote for me!

2020-06-15 12:59:16

yes, its a place where u cld relax and read.

2020-06-15 13:00:20

thank you, i will voted for u

2020-06-15 13:00:37
Surya Ganesh

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2020-06-15 13:15:05

wow! i love it! its really good and all the colours match i would love to have such a bedroom! im definitely voting for u pls vote 4 me

2020-06-15 14:37:37

your room looks really good and i will be voting for you when voting starts!!! Here is my link:

2020-06-15 15:28:11
Gracie Kent

I love it! Please vote for me, I will vote for you

2020-06-15 15:46:22
modern house designer

I love the lavender purple colour! I'll definitely vote for u if u vote for me!

2020-06-15 15:53:03
User 10840096

2020-06-15 15:59:27
Potato chip

Thank you for the comment. Your design is really cute. I will vote for you too.

2020-06-15 16:15:01
Alejandra Visscher


2020-06-15 16:17:11
Alejandra Visscher

Check my work pliss!

2020-06-15 16:19:56
Surya Ganesh

Hello Penguin!! Nice meeting you again.. Here, you project is really amazing.. I can see everywhere pink.. The way you have painted and designed the structure is fantastic.. You have my vote.. Any words to speak to me : You can find me on page number : 1 or follow up this link..THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSE.. If you really like my project..Don't forget to Vote..

2020-06-15 17:03:28
Hall Pat

Me gusta ver ese rincón de descanso atrás de el armario. Es privado y eso es agradable. La habitación es bonita. Por favor revisa el mio y déjame un comentario si te gusta

2020-06-15 21:48:39

You are very creative with the playing zone on the corner. But I think it's dangerous to put a wardrobe with that style when someone leans back to it while you are sleeping on the other side, the wardrobe can fall and someone can be struck down.

2020-06-16 02:16:09
Jhon Krall

Your Girl's bedroom looks really nice and i will be voting for you!! please check out my Girl's bedroom and comment your link so that i can vote for you when the voting starts!

2020-06-16 03:56:19

thank everyone for saying nice things about my project. i hope all of u vote for me, i will try vote for all of u.

2020-06-16 12:01:15
Miss E Thompson

This is so good, thanks for the comment i ll be voting for you. Good luck.!

2020-06-16 13:45:28
Miss E Thompson

2020-06-16 14:01:25
Interior Designsss

Wow! Very nice, cute, pretty, spacious, and creative!

2020-06-16 14:53:18

oo very creative!!

2020-06-16 16:18:30


2020-06-16 20:29:37

I like the contrast Also vote for me and I'll promote your room (for real)

2020-06-17 13:24:01
Mark Cyfko

Your girls room is amazing! Keep it up! I will vote for you please vote for me!

2020-06-17 13:35:34

Wow! I really like the little cozy area you added, very creative. I’ll be voting for u, here is the link to mine

2020-06-17 14:12:54

I also LOVE the colors and layout, I would love this bedroom

2020-06-17 14:13:28


2020-06-17 20:18:45
rin pelicanau

Wow! That's amazing!! I love it! I will definitely be voting for you! I'd enjoy it if you looked at mine and vote for it if you like it

2020-06-17 20:39:30

vote for this guy

2020-06-18 17:37:59

Voted. Please vote for me

2020-06-19 00:21:43
Interior Designsss

I voted for you! Please vote for me! Thank you!

2020-06-19 00:44:30

wow I love the pink!! and the little corner where u cld relax!! Its so good! i voted for u, pls vote back for me!

2020-06-19 01:03:10
Hall Pat

Bien echo! Vote por ti! :) Por favor vota por mi.

2020-06-19 01:57:32

Hi i just voted for you please vote for me!!

2020-06-19 08:37:06

i voted 4 u pls vote 4 me

2020-06-19 11:04:44

Voted 4 you :) Pls check out mine at page 2

2020-06-19 11:30:19

thank you so much everyone for voting for me!!! I will now vote for u

2020-06-19 11:45:26
Roll Tide!

so cute want this to my room. voted for you stay safe

2020-06-19 12:09:59
Roll Tide!

to be *

2020-06-19 12:10:13

thank you!

2020-06-19 12:11:16

really good! i just voted 4 you!!

2020-06-19 15:52:20

its so good! i love it! i voted for u

2020-06-19 16:03:51
Potato chip

Just letting you know I voted for you as promised.

2020-06-19 16:05:52

I voted for you. This is an awesome room!

2020-06-20 01:43:40
Eren Yılmaz

Nice room. I wish you continued success. I voted for you

2020-06-21 14:18:19

thank you everyone

2020-06-21 17:54:28
Jesse Holtham

Well done penguin its better than mine because I did not even read anything I just did it

2020-06-21 19:40:53