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Aidan Peterson

Wow, this is absolutely stunning! You can definitely win with a room like yours. I know I will vote for you, and I hope you will vote for me too on page 16!

2020-06-08 16:13:56

Thanks! will do! I will vote for you if you vote for me! However, voting has not started yet.

2020-06-08 16:19:20

Beautiful! you're so good! Please vote for me and I vote for you! I'm on page 11! Thank you

2020-06-08 16:23:33

Will do!!

2020-06-08 16:28:06
Anonymous :)

Thanks for the comment! Yours is really nice! This is a great use of space. I like the painting! I’ll vote for you! Please vote for me.

2020-06-08 16:33:30

Thanks! Everyone who votes and comments on my office I will vote for!

2020-06-08 16:50:37
User 10802606

2020-06-08 19:31:43
Roll Tide!

Thank you for the comment and I love the color choices. Stay safe

2020-06-08 20:40:51


2020-06-08 20:42:55

you too!

2020-06-08 20:43:05
Interior Designsss

Very nice!!!

2020-06-08 21:19:20
Potato chip

I'll vote for you too.

2020-06-08 22:02:20

Thanks! I will vote for you guys too!

2020-06-08 22:55:03
Fatih Rahmat Ubaidillah

there is so minimalist, I like it

2020-06-09 06:41:03
#im in ur mums basement

its really cool i will vote for you if you vote for me on page 20

2020-06-09 15:36:45

thx I will vote for you guys

2020-06-09 17:41:05
Bailey the Beagle

Hi since u liked mine I’m voting urs

2020-06-10 01:32:23
Bailey the Beagle


2020-06-10 01:33:48


2020-06-10 16:20:29
Aidan Peterson

Nice creation! I love the mid-century modern look with a contrast in color. Everyone can come to take a look at my project on page 16 to see how I used different materials to make my room come together! Good luck to everyone!

2020-06-10 17:38:34

thank you aidan

2020-06-10 20:35:14

but this is my page :)

2020-06-10 20:35:35

Just for the clarification to everybody. Aidan is my older brother :) :) :)

2020-06-10 20:37:08
Aidan Peterson

Yeah, that is why I complimented your room. If you feel that positive comments are not your thing, you should let everyone know first.

2020-06-10 20:43:30

I'm just saying that you have commented twice the same thing.

2020-06-10 20:49:33

and that you are using my light not yours :)

2020-06-10 20:50:01
Aidan Peterson

If you would like me to stop commenting, just let me know. I just wanted to give everyone a chance to see how I used the different tools. I hope you are not offended, and good luck with your project!

2020-06-10 20:57:39
Surya Ganesh

YOUR PROJECT IS MIND BLOWING.. I LIKE YOUR SELECTION OF COLOUR.. YOU ARE AMAZING.. IF I HAVE A CHANCE TO VOTE I WILL VOTE FOR U.. PLEASE CHECK MY PROJECT... AND YOUR CLEAR OPINION AND VOTE IT IF U LIKE..Your project is really Great.. Can I say really U have a good talent..I think U are good in creativity...Any words chat to me through my project chat ..

2020-06-11 06:56:35

what page is yours on??

2020-06-11 16:21:33

found it

2020-06-11 16:27:36

i just voted for you please vote for me!

2020-06-12 13:41:16
User 10840096

2020-06-12 20:40:42
Potato chip

There, I voted for you as promised.

2020-06-12 21:44:18