Anonymous :)

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Is this Trevor's sister??

2020-06-05 19:46:17

I left a like, can you like mine?

2020-06-05 19:46:51

I'm also on page 75

2020-06-05 19:47:25
Anonymous :)

First of all, I have no clue who Trevor is. And second, thanks for liking I'll go like yours!

2020-06-05 19:55:24

Okay thanks! mine is on page 75.

2020-06-05 20:24:59

wow. I love the plants on the shelves! I will vote for you please vote for me on page 72!

2020-06-06 09:20:31
Герман Паршков

I really like this project. I voted for you, you can vote for me

2020-06-06 12:20:11
Герман Паршков

"I like it with the gray and all, but I think for a kid it needs a pop of color. I'll still vote for you!" I chose these pastel colors because this is the room of a teenage girl for example my sister does not like bright colors. She prefers quiet ones.

2020-06-06 14:29:20
Anonymous :)

That makes sense! Nice job, Герман Паршков!

2020-06-06 14:35:28

You asked if I would like yours. But I dont think I am cause you shouldn't just ask people to like yours. Also I think this kinda sucks

2020-06-06 21:29:11

i voted for you, please vote for me!! on page 8.

2020-06-07 22:48:01
Anonymous :)

I like it a lot. The tic tac toe is very original. Just please don’t say that a room is for a boy or a girl because anyone can like this room. I voted for you. Please vote for me.

2020-06-07 23:15:57
Anonymous :)

Oops this is my link sorry.

2020-06-07 23:16:27
Juriel Medina

wow super unique very interesting i like it

2020-07-04 03:07:44