Salvatore Reno

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Hall Pat

Lindo trabajo, me agrada mucho la piedra en la terraza, y los colores brillantes son realmente rebeldes y divertidos. Buen trabajo.

2020-12-09 01:29:26

Wow this is such a nice project dude. I'm sorry it didn't get that much attention but this is good indeed. Voted!

2020-12-11 11:45:35
User 15281715

2020-12-12 17:51:59

I am voting because you have prepared a really nice project. You chose a good color combination of walls and furniture, nicely furnished the room and tersao, so you have my vote. If you don't mind, I invite you to view my project on p. 34. And if you think my project deserves your vote, I will be grateful. Thanks.

2020-12-12 21:19:29
Richard Brown

loving the colour scheme and layout. i voted for you.

2020-12-12 22:03:24

First impression of this project is I'm like being at home near the beach. The blue ocean colors so eye catching. I am glad to voted you :)

2020-12-13 11:47:20