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Hi Maria, I loved your design. The brick walls are very nice :) You can come to my project on pg.16 :)

2020-11-17 13:50:18
Potato chip

Thank you for your comment. Your room looks good. I like the boxing area.

2020-11-18 16:35:02
Paris dreamer

Hi Maria, this gym looks super creative and unique. Feel free to check my gym out aswell if you come across it! (I don't know what page it's on) Also, I have a question, (anyone can answer it), Where do you find the slat walls and window walls? (I am new to this app so any tips would be great) Thank you so much!

2020-11-19 00:46:46

love the zoning you created. Its not to bizy and has a nice relaxing vibe to it. nice design

2020-11-19 21:36:54