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Madeline Cyfko

I am confused...why is it every single person who wins each time? It's like the person who is the most popular wins. :C its not fair

2020-10-19 02:03:49
Madeline Cyfko

Does anyone know why?

2020-10-19 02:04:03
User 15281715

2020-10-19 03:13:34
Izzy Moonlight ☾

It is nice. But the yellow looks a bit orange and the green could have been a bit brighter. But I like how it is not super cluttered and disorganized

2020-10-19 04:44:21
Madeline Cyfko

ty Erin and Izzy Moonlight ☾

2020-10-19 12:01:20
Madeline Cyfko

Say "me" in the comments below and say your page so I can vote for you.

2020-10-19 12:31:57
Izzy Moonlight ☾

My page is 1

2020-10-19 15:46:28
Madeline Cyfko

Ok ty I will vote :P

2020-10-19 16:37:39
Born to be Wild

Hi, thanks for your comments ! Your design is clean and neat and not at all cluttered. The only call out would be the Orange bedroom could be a bit more yellow :)

2020-10-20 09:22:16
Isaac Schultze

Hi Madeline I love how symmetric it is but the middle room does look a little empty besides putting maybe a light and a table in there and then maybe changing the floors and walls your all set!!! Definitely getting my vote (thanks for your comment)!!!

2020-10-20 12:06:26
Arabella M

Thank you for commenting on mine!! I really think that you have a lovely design with what you did!! AWESOME JOB!!!!!

2020-10-20 12:57:20
Madeline Cyfko

Omg....thanks so much! You guys are so kind! André, Isaac Schultze, and Born to be Wild...I will vote for you guys!

2020-10-20 13:07:17

Very interesting! While I decided to make the two sisters rooms contrast, you decided to use a more symmetrical approach. It's really quite well done.

2020-10-20 15:32:03
Brayden Baty

thank u for ur commet madeline

2020-10-20 15:39:57
Madeline Cyfko

Ash thanks for commenting and giving feed back.

2020-10-20 17:37:24
Madeline Cyfko

Brayden Baty your real nice. Np...thanks for your comment

2020-10-20 17:37:54

hiii thanks a lot for passing my project, your project is INCERDIBALE I liked every thing in there!! keep going!! hope you win in the challenge

2020-10-22 05:40:46
Madeline Cyfko


2020-10-22 20:28:23

This is a super cute and relaxing design!!! I like the shades of green and yellow that you picked. My one piece of advice would be to not make the rooms so symetrical (someone told me this on my design too so I struggle with it as well). I would just say, maybe switch a few things up so just have a guitar in one room or have a different type of mirror in one room then the other, maybe have a different patterned rug in the other room, and so on. Also, you could have added a little more to the relax room, but overall, you did a great job!!!!! Please leave a comment with some feedback on my design (its on page 2), Thanks!!!!

2020-10-23 00:32:01
Born to be Wild


2020-10-23 05:40:00
Rizki Agustin

i voted. Good luck.

2020-10-23 12:38:36
Madeline Cyfko

tysm guys

2020-10-23 14:02:10

Hey madeline! i love your design! simple yet beautiful!

2020-10-23 15:37:58

voted! check mine out on page 29

2020-10-23 15:38:09

I also absolutey adore, the way the rooms are nearly idesnticle!

2020-10-23 15:39:14


2020-10-23 15:39:22
Madeline Cyfko


2020-10-23 16:04:16
User 15281715

2020-10-23 21:01:21
Madeline Cyfko


2020-10-24 15:19:36
cassie williams

Love your creative design. Please heart mine. Thenks Cassie

2020-10-24 19:04:21
Madeline Cyfko


2020-10-24 19:05:15

Beautiful project.You can vote for me if you want

2020-10-25 10:15:43

I love your design and the colors you used! I'm on page 62

2020-10-25 14:20:41
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

Hi! I love your project! it looks AMAZING and bright! The two bedroom looks very cozy and a very nice to sleep! The relax room looks awesome! i really like the way you arranged everything!! VERY VERY TALENTED IN DESIGNING! i Voted for your project! Please vote for me on page 1! Thanks!:)

2020-10-25 15:59:11
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi


2020-10-25 15:59:27
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

Just giving my opinion

2020-10-25 15:59:43
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

also to make it look better you should change the floor! the rest looks awesome!

2020-10-25 16:00:08
Madeline Cyfko

ty :)

2020-10-25 16:44:10

Hii Madeline, I'm an 11 year old too, and yes Erin is right, it's all about popularity, I was heartbroken at first bcoz I never got a chance, but now I just do it for fun! I saw your design wayyyyy too late but I like it :) I also saw your most recent design and I liked it too, Good luck!

2020-10-27 03:22:35