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The creativitty of this design makes it really gorgeous and unique! I'm on page 5 if you want to pass by :) good luck!

2020-09-14 08:19:45

I will vote you!

2020-09-14 11:03:41
Hall Pat

Wow que creativo y atrevido. Me parece que tiene un estilo rebelde, me gusta es muy diferente a todo lo que e visto.

2020-09-14 15:50:29
печенье выпечка

wow it looks so cool if you want to check out mine it is on page 14

2020-09-14 18:37:52

Thanks everybody! Here's the main render I decided to go with https://planner5d.com/storage/s/7acdf9ac552dc9ee168579dfb3aa8a76_13.jpg?v=1600126399

2020-09-15 02:10:34

I'll be sure to check out all your projects! Also, I just wanted to say that that's extremely perceptive of you Hall Pat! I was definitely going for a bit of a subversive, or rebellious take on the whole thing, as you put it. I like modern use of wood concrete and metal a lot. I also love the Japanese style and concept of Wabi Sabi. I did originally start doing almost everything in pastels, but I was really in the mood to combine those two things, so I decided to switch it up a little and before I knew it I had something I liked even better! lol xD

2020-09-15 02:41:27

Your project looks very cool! This type of metal is espeially nice when rendering...

2020-09-15 15:37:37

Thank you! I know right?

2020-09-15 15:49:32

Hiii, thanks for your comment. Woww, I love it. Love the colors. Love the shelves and the storage you put there. It’s very nice ^_^

2020-09-16 00:04:14

You're welcome and thank you very much Bunny! :D

2020-09-16 02:05:47

Well done. I also feel your have a blast from the past, your styling reminds me of an era goneby, yet modern. Very creative. And thank you for your kind comment. Best wishes.

2020-09-16 15:15:40
Potato chip

Thank you for your nice comment. Your room looks great. The apples and the books look good. I like the green and blue sofas.

2020-09-16 15:30:17

You're both very welcome and thank you so much for the kind words! :)

2020-09-16 20:09:57
Art lover

This looks sooo good!! i love the mix of colors and shades, which look so beautiful when put together! I also love the plants! check me out on page 17 good luck!

2020-09-16 22:14:28

WOAH! I love all the things you did with the corners! I'm on page 31 if you wanna see mine, and a kid named Anon on page 22 is AMAZING

2020-09-17 15:09:59

Thank you ... and thank you Belladona! I'll be sure to check out both your projects as well as Anon's. Can't wait! :D

2020-09-17 16:36:22
Hall Pat

Votado mucha suerte! Olvide colocar en mi comentario que me gustaría mucho tu opinión, espero puedas darme la sin que sea una molestia, suerte! (No sé en qué página estoy pero creo que si aprietas mi nombre saldrá mi proyecto.)

2020-09-18 04:51:43
Art lover


2020-09-18 10:29:19

¡Muchas gracias Hall Pat! : D Intenté hacer clic en su nombre de usuario, pero parece que necesito un número de página para acceder a su proyecto. : / Me desplazaré un poco y veré si puedo encontrarlo de todos modos.

2020-09-18 15:43:02

Thank you so much ...! ☺

2020-09-18 15:43:50

Hello Eli_The_Design_Guy. I saw your comment, thank you so much! :) Your design is super cool! :) The colors are awesome! :) You even made it look like the sink is filled with water and dirty dishes! :) I have voted for you :)

2020-09-18 15:58:39

You're very welcome! I think your design is really cool too! Thanks for the vote and kind words and for noticing the little details! :)))

2020-09-18 16:08:00

Hi , i really like the design , the combination of the textures the pastel colors , just amazing . If you do not mind plz check out my design on page 56 .

2020-09-18 16:15:31

Thanks Hubert! I'll be sure to check it out! :)

2020-09-18 16:19:26

Интересно, смело, насыщенно! Вкусные цвета мебели))))) Вполне уютно!)))

2020-09-18 20:04:56

Спасибо большое, Ольга Птицына! :)))))

2020-09-19 03:39:00

Nicely done, Your layout is neat and functional and the 'living wall' brings the outside, in. The 'minty' green and blue lift the colours, as does the pale yellow and the 'embedded plant' is an original touch. You have my vote. Thank you for popping over to view my design and I totally agree with your 'Barbie' comment (lol). I am not a great fan pastels in decor and they tend to remind me of 'little girl' colours and unicorns, so I basically incorporated them into a mature layout. If I could rewritethe description now I would definitely use your lead and call it 'Barbie goes marshmallow' As for the breakfast bar, I didn't even notice the height (rooky). Anyone under 7' would have to eat off their knee :D

2020-09-19 14:14:45

Thank you so much D14! And no probs! Marshmellow could totally be the DJ who's more gender fluid in his personal life and has been begging Barbie to come up with something that reflected his love of all things kawaii. (unicorns included) lol Seriously though, the more mature layout really shines through and don't sweat it about the bar. I can't tell you how many times I've submitted a project and then realized a day later that something was at the wrong height. xD

2020-09-19 18:28:23
User 15281715

2020-09-20 01:23:09

Wow! You're more than welcome and thank you so much!! That's probably the nicest comment I've ever gotten! ≧ ﹏ ≦ Really can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate that. Thank you Cute Doggy!!! (*^_^*)

2020-09-20 01:50:40

Thanks for changing your name. WOOF!!

2020-09-20 11:30:33

Thank you so much for your comment! I love your design as well. You did an amazing job and it looks super good.

2020-09-20 14:56:16

You're both welcome! And thank you so much Lily! :D

2020-09-20 17:30:59
Potato chip

Thank you for your second comment. I still agree with my previous comment. Your room looks great. And thanks for the vote. I voted for you too.

2020-09-20 20:54:25

Aw thanks Potato chip! Must've forgotten that I left an earlier comment. lol xD

2020-09-20 23:50:10