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Thank you for the comment, I will 101% vote you! Thanks again! :)

2020-08-31 16:32:45

I also LOVE your bookshelf idea!! ;)

2020-08-31 16:34:18
Potato chip

Thank you for your comment. Your room looks very good. I like the closets in the rounded corner. I also like what you did with the dresser and the shelf by the door.

2020-08-31 16:38:49

No problem Tiny Dancer! And thank you so much!! :))

2020-08-31 19:49:54

You're very welcome Potato chip! Really appreciate the positive feedback! ^-^

2020-08-31 19:52:32

Hii, thanks for your comment. I really love yours. I love the piano sit that haves a storage place. I also love all the storage place. Love the sitting area. Love the wallpaper too ^_^

2020-08-31 22:57:27

Btw I just realize that you added the things on the ceiling. I really love your idea.

2020-08-31 23:01:49

Hello Bunny!! You're very welcome! Really appreciate your positive feedback and thank you for noticing all the little details!!

2020-09-01 05:00:28
Hall Pat

Wow, tienes un proyecto realmente hermoso. Me gusta mucho tu esquema de color y la distribución en general. Muy bonito. Gracias por tu comentario ;D

2020-09-01 15:00:48

Your project is full of good ideas, I like it very much

2020-09-01 16:52:18

De nada, y muchas gracias por tu comentario positivo tambien Hall Pat!! :D

2020-09-02 06:53:22

Thank you Rita Oláhné Szabó!! That's very kind of you! n.n

2020-09-02 06:56:04

Hello my name is bibipro1 and your design is spectacular it's very cool. I'm on page 12, if you would like to vote for me, I would appreciate. Goodbye

2020-09-02 19:38:20
печенье выпечка

hello mi name is itsfunneh and i really like your design if you want to check out mine it is on page 20

2020-09-02 23:40:30

Hello Bibipro1!! Thank you very much I'll be sure to check it out. :)

2020-09-03 02:55:51

Hello Itsfunneh! Thank you kindly! I'll be sure to take a look! n.n

2020-09-03 02:57:17

Интересно. Ставлю голос!)))

2020-09-03 04:13:30

Большое спасибо Ольга Птицына! :)

2020-09-03 10:42:19
Hall Pat

Votado!!! :)

2020-09-04 01:13:16

Muchas gracias!!! :D

2020-09-04 06:11:13

I voted you come vote me on page 14! :)

2020-09-04 22:04:23

Gracias Julio Medrano!

2020-09-05 12:41:26

Thank you Tiny Dancer!! Voted for you as well! :D

2020-09-05 12:41:59