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Interior Designsss

I couldn't change the colors of the items, so please don't mind that! Thank you!

2020-08-10 01:06:58
Potato chip

Thank you for your comment. I couldn't change colors either. Anyway, your room looks very good.

2020-08-10 01:36:18
Hall Pat

No jugaré tus colores ya que estoy en la misma situación, no te preocupes. Lo que comentaré es sobre tu distribución, la cual me parece agradable, me gusta el escritorio frente a la ventana ;) por favor deja un comentario o sugerencia en mi proyecto en la página 2 ;)

2020-08-10 01:38:09
Interior Designsss

Thank you so much! You're welcome!

2020-08-10 01:48:05
Interior Designsss

Thank you! Ok I will!

2020-08-10 01:48:21
Interior Designsss

Please look at my render! Thank you!

2020-08-11 02:57:24

I really like it check mine out it's on page thirty two.

2020-08-12 00:17:43
Interior Designsss

Thank you! Ok I will

2020-08-12 00:22:40
Anonymous :)

I really like yours. I think the mirrors are cool and I like the wall with the paintings in the bedroom even though the chair is kinda blocking the entrance. What you could have done instead is have put the coffee table and chair in the entryway room instead, because it’s a bit bare. Other than that I think you have a really cute room and I wish you luck. I will vote for you. Please check mine out on page 2.

2020-08-12 03:21:15
Interior Designsss

Thank you so much! Ok I will!

2020-08-12 14:09:37

Hi! Thank you for the comment. Nice room you got there even without colors. I can't change colors too. The layout is unique different from others. Good job!

2020-08-13 22:47:07
Interior Designsss

You're welcome! Thank you so much!

2020-08-14 01:17:03

bence zevkler ve renkler tartışılmaz renklere değil düzeni yorumluyoruz neyse odan çok güzel görünüyo

2020-08-14 07:54:46


2020-08-14 08:10:39
Interior Designsss

Thank you so much!

2020-08-14 14:25:04
Victória Scorpioni

I voted for you. Please check my project in page 29. I hope you like it.

2020-08-14 18:15:09
Interior Designsss

Thank you so much! Ok I will!

2020-08-14 18:17:22

omg!!!!!! i Luv it!!!!! you can check out mine!! but i dunno which page mine is in it shows mine to be the 1st i the first page i dunno if u can see it there too

2020-08-15 01:43:34
Sim Dhanda

OMG, I am love with your project. I've voted for you please vote for me as well. Thanks so much. By the way, I'm on page 5. Sim xx

2020-08-15 12:05:55

Hi, I absolutely love your design. I've voted for you. Please vote for me as well. Thanks, Nakhro xx.

2020-08-15 12:11:29
Interior Designsss

Thank you so much! OK I will!

2020-08-16 16:04:11
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

wowowowowow loveee it!!!! i like the design i voted for you plzzz vote for me on page 28 my name is huzaifah shaikh pleasee vote for me

2020-08-16 19:48:59
Interior Designsss

Thank you so much! Ok I will!

2020-08-16 20:00:27
Potato chip

I voted for you too.

2020-08-16 22:13:44
Interior Designsss

Thank you so much!

2020-08-16 23:02:37

Please heart mine on page 2

2020-08-16 23:51:50