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I like that everyone has their own space, privacy and storage compartments, which is very practical. Love the wallpaper in the large meeting room too. Please feel free to comment on mine at Pg 6

2020-08-07 06:13:05

wow! your planner is very good!!!! so i voted you. your planner is neat. if you like it please vote me for my planner. good luck!!! my planner is white house. thanks!!

2020-08-07 07:07:07

I like the layout of your office. Voted for you. :) Please check out mine on page 8 https://planner5d.com/contests/works/?page=8 :)

2020-08-07 12:56:34

Love it!! The color combinations are great! I voted for you!! Mine is on page 1, so please take a look!!

2020-08-07 14:30:14