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Flame X Rose

Hi, i like your idea to put the storage behind the sofa. I also like that you have the idea using the tv stand as the sitting area in the window. Definitely voting for you when the vote started. Please check mine out and give your thought about mine. If you like it, vote for me and leave your link too so i could vote for you :) here’s the link to mine

2020-07-13 08:42:50
Kübra Arslan

WOW it looks so fresh and modern. I love it!!! ♥♥♥ :)))

2020-07-13 08:53:17
Born to be Wild

Your yellow/gray color scheme is very nice. Overall the arrangement is good. Do check this out:

2020-07-13 10:41:01

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2020-07-13 20:52:01
Anonymous :)

I love the color scheme. The brightness of the yellow and the darkness of the grey is balanced well. I like the seat under the window. I will vote for you. Please check mine out.

2020-07-14 11:30:40

I normally don't like yellow, but your living room is super nice and I love they way yellow, grey and dark brown give an overall good balance to the space! Really love your project! Check mine out if you like

2020-07-15 13:34:37

Amazing room.... Check out mine: :) Pls remember to vote for me if you like it and leave a comment with a link to yours so I can vote for you!

2020-07-16 04:45:32

WOW! This looks fantastic! I love the color combo and the way you arranged the furniture! I would love it if you could checkout my project if you like/comment I will do the same for you!

2020-07-16 14:03:02

Hey I voted for you great job here is my link vote for me only if you think i did well stay safe from COVID-19 and best of luck i did a window seat too. I Love how you made it very modern but classic t the same time

2020-07-17 10:15:54

This looks so good! I love the black and yellow! Voted! Please check out mine

2020-07-17 18:54:39

Thank you all for your kind comments! Am checking your links out and casting votes!

2020-07-18 11:34:41
Lexi Győrfi

Thanks for your comment! I really like you room, it looks really comfortable, and the arrangements of furniture is really logical, kind of space-saving and last but not least, original! Vote from me! Good luck in the contest!

2020-07-19 07:03:07