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Super cool!! It's so original, the zone near the window seems so cozy OMG! I love this one! Check out my project and let me know if you have any suggestions!

2020-07-06 09:32:38

it's so cool, i will vote for you since the vote start here is my link

2020-07-06 11:46:59

hi! i really like the colours u have chosen. also, the carpet and cushions near the window looks so cute! your project is really good! i will definitely vote for u when voting starts. here is a render of my project if u like it, please check out my project, and vote for me

2020-07-06 13:59:48

I think yours is super good come see mine on page 1 and comment and vote me!! I really want to get to the top 5 !! Thanks!! :-)

2020-07-06 22:16:05
Anonymous :)

This is really nice. I like the dark purple. I also like the decorations on the bookshelf. I will vote for you. Please check mine out.

2020-07-07 12:27:11
Amaro Rojas

Yo te doy mi voto, porfis porfis porfis rebisen el mío que no tengo nadie que me apolle )-:

2020-07-07 20:10:28

Hello, check mine , Renders :

2020-07-08 12:10:51
Interior Designsss

Wow! So nice!!!

2020-07-08 13:25:48

Hi! You did a great job in this room. Keep up the good work. Check out mine in this link and please vote for me if you think I deserve it. Comment your link so I can vote for you. Thank you ❤️

2020-07-10 00:07:01
Interior Designsss

I voted for you! Please vote for me! Thank you!

2020-07-10 00:12:19

Hi, I love your room. I will vote for you if you vote for me. comment on mine when you voted and I will comment and vote on yours.

2020-07-10 11:43:26

hi! your project is really good! i voted for u! here is a render of my project, if u like it, please vote for me

2020-07-10 12:31:19
Shamroc fion

HELLO! I really like your room, so i voted 4 you. Please vote for mine and check it out here it is. HAVE MERCY PLEASSSSE and gimie some tips on it!

2020-07-10 16:12:59

love yours its really good!!! for me if you heres mine vote 4 me if u like it

2020-07-10 22:06:16
Lexi Győrfi

The different shades of lavender makes me feel balanced and calm. I like this feeling. :D Nice project, vote from me. If you like mine, can I get a vote, too, please? Many thanks, keep on planning. :) First competition here, just need some motivational likes. :)

2020-07-11 02:19:59

Thanks everyone, glad the colours are more acceptable this time. Am checking everyone's out and casting votes!

2020-07-11 08:08:30

похоже на спальню девочки

2020-07-11 08:24:22
rin pelicanau

Wow, this is amazing! I am voting for you! Check out mine and vote for it if you like it!

2020-07-11 21:42:37

Hi! LOVE IT!! So Pretty!!! Vote for me if you like!!

2020-07-16 19:35:15