Комната для настольных игр

Спроектируйте гостиную комнату для встречи с семьей и друзьями в которой будут играть настольные игры.


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Very cool game room so cool, if you have time come see mine on page 1 and vote me, i REALLY want to get to the top 5! Thanks :-)

2020-06-30 10:51:06

Hi! I'll vote for you if you vote mine. Here's my link and comment down your link so I can vote for you! Thank you❤️

2020-07-03 07:19:57

2020-07-03 10:23:22
Sim Dhanda

hi, I voted for you as well.

2020-07-03 10:32:07

thank u soooooooooooooooo much

2020-07-03 10:33:28

Done voting!

2020-07-03 10:33:54

OK chill don't vote then

2020-07-03 10:35:45
Jifferson Navarro

Achei o seu projeto muito interessante, de uma olhada no meu. I found your project very interesting, take a look at mine.

2020-07-03 13:44:49

um ok i don't understand what u said

2020-07-04 00:17:53

hi! i love it! i voted 4 u pls vote 4 me

2020-07-05 14:12:02