Создайте офис дома с достаточным количеством места для хранения, рабочая зона с большим столом и зоной для отдыха.

Madeline Cyfko

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Beautiful! you're so good! Please vote for me and I vote for you! I'm on page 11! Thank you

2020-06-09 07:20:09
Madeline Cyfko

ok, I will....Good luck!

2020-06-09 13:50:13
Mark Cyfko


2020-06-09 15:34:35
Madeline Cyfko


2020-06-09 15:36:33
Anonymous :)

This looks really nice! I like how you put the rug behind the chair. I’ll vote for you if you vote for me! https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/4883

2020-06-09 18:35:48

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2020-06-09 20:52:10

I really like this! Verry cute!

2020-06-10 01:17:51

It's like baby office so cute I love it mines on top of page six

2020-06-10 05:47:42
Madeline Cyfko

ok, guys, I will vote for you all

2020-06-10 13:51:46

i love it

2020-06-11 16:23:25
Paige Lundberg

Yours is nice

2020-06-11 20:40:07

I like the ceiling o(*°▽°*)o

2020-06-12 02:05:56
Hall Pat

Es muy bueno!. Vote por ti! Espero puedas dejar un comentario en el mío y votar por el si te gusta. Lo agradecería. https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/5133 estoy en la página 18.

2020-06-12 03:24:20
Surya Ganesh

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2020-06-12 09:21:31
Madeline Cyfko

Thanks Guys

2020-06-12 13:20:51

I loved it, I voted for you. Vote for me? https://planner5d.com/en/contests/detail/5411 Page 36

2020-06-12 13:55:26
Madeline Cyfko


2020-06-12 14:27:21

its very good for sure will vote you but the red wallpaper is werid

2020-06-12 19:43:46

but good job

2020-06-12 19:44:01
Madeline Cyfko

yeah I messed up on that XD sorry

2020-06-12 19:44:35

i just voted for you!! please share if you can!! https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/5014/

2020-06-12 21:47:45
Interior Designsss

I voted for you! Please vote for me! Thank you! https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/4920

2020-06-12 21:48:04
Madeline Cyfko

thanks guys

2020-06-12 21:48:20
Madeline Cyfko

I will share

2020-06-12 21:48:32
Surya Ganesh

Hello madeline2009!! Nice meeting you again!! You are really doing good and your project is really brilliant..I love it.. Thanks for visiting my project.. I have voted you.. THANK YOU

2020-06-13 01:15:28


2020-06-13 08:46:17
Doctor Who

voted for you:https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/5018

2020-06-13 14:04:25

Thanks for your comment and vote. I have voted for yours. If I may give suggestion it would be nice if you put a small table between the sofa and TV and put a plant on it. It will decrease stress after work and relax your eyes after watching tv

2020-06-13 21:44:24

Is very cool

2020-06-14 13:11:11

It looks amazing please vote for me!

2020-06-14 14:48:28

it looks amazing!!!!!

2020-06-15 15:33:34
Madeline Cyfko


2020-06-15 15:38:48