Тропическая спальня с балконом

Спроектируйте спальню, которой основная тема - тропики. Интерьер должен быть светлый с зелёными акцентами.

Jamila Saeed

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Gaetano Percuoco Business Coaching, Progettazione Modelli di Business Innovativi

I really liked your project and I rated it. Look at mine and if you like it please rate it on page 86

2020-12-13 11:35:07

An interesting project. I can’t say it’s exactly tropical in style, but you’ve come up with something that’s completely unusual. It’s nice to lighten the dark color with the rest of the light ones. That is why I voted. If you don’t mind, you can check out my project on p. 34 and if you think he deserves your vote, I will be grateful to you. Thanks.

2020-12-13 13:21:47