Гостиная с обеденной зоной

Спроектируйте гостиную с обеденной зоной. Основной стиль интерьера - модерн, цвета - черный, белый, коричневый.

yossi moskovitz

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Hello I like your design! I am on page 3! If you have time come see mine! Stay safe and have a great holiday coming up! I also have a few renders on page If you want to see them! Thanks Wild Doggy!

2020-12-01 23:09:59

Voted. I invite you on pg. 8

2020-12-04 20:43:45
Skylar Sipp

i saw your comment and thank you i voted

2020-12-05 18:08:58

voted for you

2020-12-06 00:50:36